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“Hold the line”. “Hold the line” patriots!


Judge Denies Bail to Jeremy Brown – Former Green Beret Was Arrested Thursday After He Earlier Refused FBI Request to Be Informant Plant at Jan. 6 Rallies!!!THIS HAS NOTHIG TO DO WITH THIS CONVERSION HERE BUT I DIDN’T KNOW WHERE TO ADD IT. I THOUGHT YOU WOULD LIKE TO KNOW THIS INFO!!!


This Trump trap was set in 2019. Using the families of “Hartley” and others who “consider death a calling”, Australia finally got ownership of the 42% of land it had been denied during the Antarctica Treaty 62 years ago. And now — many-y-y Heroines — have finally secured the area called “Dome A” near the top of this Antarctic land mass to prevent the VRIL/Orion civil war that was close to taking place (over the freshwater “ghost lakes” that run underneath the ice and interconnect their Capital cities). Chile/Uruguay had just made a secret new “mineral deal” there, but the Orions “switched” our U.S. Election results. How? It was made both by the Transatlantic-Server manipulation at Mabus Point (with the help of the Chinese from Chaoyang), and also, by American “domestic” tabulator entries ‘ERASED’ electronically with help from Beijing embeds : human “coders”. Russia saw this happen to us in Nov 2016 and scrambled to create its own Election-cyber-free-zone Base for Operations within The Arctic and got oushed back. in 2020, Argentina scrambled to disavow its longsighted Antarctica December of 1959 Treaty while Chile and many Antarctic neighbors have reneged on many of the new Treaties created since the 1967 Outer Space Treaty with our exopolitic / -politicians. In the end Trump is always right. The firing squads will take place at McMurdo Station in the near arriving months … not Gitmo! Space Force has given Ecuador-Command — the now called — “General Washington list”. The traitors will be shot at the stake by the VRIL. .


Give the Commie-Liberals and the FAKE President HELL!



P Chatary

Maricopa County is as crooked as they come. Arizona voters should be mad as hell over this audit. Sec. of State Katy Hobbs (put in office by George Soros’ money) and Governor Doug Ducey shoulder the blame here. They fought the audit every step of the way—-along with over 100 lawyers sent to AZ by the Democrat Party.
We all know this letter written by AZ Assistant Atty. General Wright is well intentioned but will most likely not make any difference in the AZ audit outcome. Maybe we can use it to wipe our butts as the next toilet paper shortage approaches.
No matter how many times you count a stuffed ballot box, the ballot box is still stuffed!


97 pages, $5.7 million price tag… pretty expensive toilet paper…


3.5 trillion reconciliation Bill… Now that’s expensive toilet paper you fool…



The audit report is finally in. And I am FURIOUS about the fraud it uncovered.

I’m Arizona State Senator Wendy Rogers. I am the Arizona State Senator fighting nationwide for audits and election integrity! Now we need to prosecute those who participated in this fraud. Help me fix the problems in Arizona and spread audits to all 50 states!

The report is in. And the results are…. unbelievable. When you hear them, you’ll understand why I’m calling to decertify the 2020 Arizona election.

Let me break it down for you:

-3432 more ballots cast than people who voted.
-9041 mail-in voters retuned more ballots than they were sent.
-More ballots cast at precincts than people who showed up to vote, by 1551.
-2382 ballots cast by people who voted after moving out of Maricopa County.
-Nearly 300 dead people voted.
-Over 17,000 duplicate votes.
-23,344 mail-in ballots voted after they moved, and after the deadline.

Here is the explanation:

Logan first explained that duplicate ballots, which are not the same as duplicated ballot envelopes, were co-mingled with original ballots. Many of these ballots had incorrect and missing serial numbers. However, these were very small numbers, which eventually corrected gave few hundred votes back to Biden, as the mainstream media originally mentioned before the Senate hearing – Logan attributed these to simple human error.

He confirmed that ballot form numbers did not match up. EV32 voting forms, which match with votes sent, did not match the number of EV33 forms, for early votes returned. 9,041 more mail-in voters were shown as being returned than having been sent out with the EV32s. 397 mail-in ballots were never sent, and do not have a corresponding EV32. 255,326 early votes did not have a complimentary EV33.

Many issues were also seen with voters who were registered as having moved. 23,344 voters voted via a mail-in ballot where nobody else of the same name was at the address, eliminating students and other people in similar family situations from the potential mix. Mail-in ballots cannot be forwarded, meaning the only legal way for these Maricopa voters to have received their ballot was to have picked it up in person, something the audit team considered unlikely. 2,081 voters even moved out of state and received a full ballot, not a “federal only” ballot.

Logan claimed that potentially up to 5,047 individuals voted in more than one county, with voters having the same names and same birth year – 393 voters also had an incomplete name. 198 voters registered after the October 18th cutoff and still voted. Issues were also seen with the voter roll, where there were 2,681 unique AFSEQ numbers, which are supposed to be applied to voters for a singular transaction, being shared between voters. The Maricopa audit team said this suggested an election integrity issue with the ballot data itself. Other claims included 282 potentially dead voters and 186 people with potential duplicate IDs.

There are over 50,000 problem ballots, way more than necessary to change the outcome in the 2020 election in Arizona. 

In other words, yes, there WAS fraud! 





Wonderful !

Johnny Appleseed



aaaand this will go directly into the circular file.

joy young

well i had high hopes for AZ and other states but everything is so convoluted that there is no way any resolution will be reached. We were cheated in the 2020 election.




This is the WEAKEST strong letter I’ve ever read. Where’s the teeth?


There is proof that data was already wiped to hide crimes. Nothing has come from it and nothing will come from this. No one is held accountable. No one goes to jail. It’s all bread and circus for the stupid masses.

Mark Duncan

I believe brnovich is actually a serious individual. Let’s see how this goes. I’ve got money on him getting pushback from the Department of Justice.


This is awesome, now hopefully Brnovich and Wright will follow through and not just give us window dressings. If Branovich seriously wants his Senate run in AZ to be taken seriously he needs to step up act.

Great interview with Jovan Pulitzer on the Steel Truth

Don L Brush

I pray for free and fair elections in America and the world, NOW, and in the future. In the most powerful name of Jesus Christ the Lord! Amen!


While you’re praying, please also ask for the strength and wisdom to actually DO SOMETHING to achieve those free and fair elections. Wishing and hoping and praying just ain’t a gonna cut.

Johnny Appleseed

Isn’t trusting in the almighty doing something?

Sweeeeeeeeeeetness !


What exactly is the next step. We have no teeth because we have no power. Sort of like Newsome’s recall!! He was cheating, everyone could see him and his people cheating, hell you could see the votes getting flipped on tv!! Just like November 3rd. Now he wants to make all elections by absentee voting. Same thing different day!!

the AG knows and is following thru so hang tuff and do not give up or cave in !

Johnathan Galt

Not “no power.” If legal proceedings determine the outcome was altered because of fraud, the entire election can be nullified by the court. Or, the legislature can do the same.

Stan d Mute

Quit the Trumpy spam. I voted for the Reality TV idiot in ‘16.

Vote HARDER! You say.

No wall. No swamp drainage. Nothing except a SMALL reduction in refugee numbers and H1b’s.

Yeah. Like that will Make America Great Again.

Trumpy was a SCAM. He played the role of a Patriot. Poorly. He accomplished NOTHING.

He FAILED. And yet I am supposed to cheer for the idiot? Just because he was marginally better than Dementia Joe or Killary Clintoon?

F you. When I get a real American and a real Patriot, I’ll get on board. Until then, until I see boxcars of illegals headed south, F you all.


You will go in jail soon !


Excuse me? What about the roaring economy (until covid showed up and destroyed everything), the fact that countries around the world respected us again and knew we meant business, the dramatic drop in illegal immigration? That the wall wasn’t finished isn’t for Trump’s lack of trying, it’s because he was fought by everyone including his own party every step of the way. That the swamp isn’t drained is because it was far deeper and uglier than anyone expected, and those swamp creatures fought back. I wish those who criticize the job Trump did could spend a few days as president themselves and see how they would do…I guarantee very very few people (least of all me!) could handle it. “Marginally better” than Biden??? There isn’t the remotest comparison! If you’re waiting for a truer patriot and a truer American than our wonderful rightful president to show up, I’m afraid you will be waiting a very long time. And for the record, I did NOT like Trump at all at the beginning; I would have taken anyone else in the primary over him. But he earned my loyalty by his patriotism and common sense. Sorry if I’m coming across harshly, but it frustrates and angers me when those on our own side fail to realize what we had for four unforgettable years. God bless President Trump!


The Big Lie is no longer about overturning the 2020 election. It’s about planting seeds to overturn the next one. Trump the loser is the most venomous snake to ever step foot in politics or anywhere else for that matter!


Maybe he should listen to some show tunes. He’s such a loser!


Biden is such a cheater !


Biden and the Dems lose everyday…. Are you paying attention?


Go to hell Chinese troll!!


I guess you forgot about Hillary Clinton and Democrats for four years calling Trump the illegitimate president because he cheated. I guess you forgot about Hillary Clinton paying for Russia disinformation that led to the the greatest criminal hoax in US history, the Russia Collusion hoax investigation that cost taxpayer 40 million dollars. You’re a Left wing hack Valkyrja. A deep state keyboard provocateur.

Bobba Sheftz

Valkirja is asleep or has the same disease as Biden, dementia.


Don’t waste your time on trolls. It’s like trying to teach a pig to sing…. It frustrates you and it just entertains the pig.


quite imaginative for a roach, you are


WOW! Your comment got the most thumbs down votes I have ever seen on this website….


That comment deserved it.


I know, I was impressed too!

steve patten

Your lack of intelligence is stunning…


Valkyrja, You are living the Big Lie. You don’t have to, need to or continue to. You can choose to let the light in. Just ask God to show you it. He will bathe you in it. Just be truly willing. You are not alone.


Nobody that actually did vote for Biden –voted for what is happening now…

They would have long since move to a country with a tyrant.

My Man Trump

No comment. You are way too far gone as a voter and a human being. I’ll bet mommy kicks you out of her basement soon. The whole house has to reek of pathetic stench.


The next one Democrats cannot cheat ! Hehe !


Supreme Court: States Cannot Prevent Illegal Aliens from Voting in U.S. Elections. Google it.


Why stop there. Let the world’s population cast mail in ballots here, right.


why don’t you just send the ruling if you can find it.

joe blow

You are correct about states not being able to prevent illegal aliens from voting. This is true, unfortunately. However, only localities can decide if illegals can vote or not. And if that is true then so is how the election is conducted. This aligns with what you are saying. And if that is true then legislatures of states can madate how elections are conducted but only at a local level as outline by the constitution. And if that is true. Then mail in ballots has to be mandated from a local election board and not from the state or federal level. So even though you are right….Trump still won. Because the mandate from governors to change election laws from the bench and not from legislatures was overstepping. And only localities can decide on how to collect votes. Not the fed. Not the state. But that is over looked as well.


18 US Code § 611 – Voting by aliens
(a) It shall be unlawful for any alien to vote in any election held solely or in part for the purpose of electing a candidate for the office of President,  Vice President, Presidential elector, Member of the Senate, Member of the House of Representatives, Delegate from the District of Columbia, or Resident Commissioner, unless

(1)the election is held partly for some other purpose;
(2)aliens are authorized to vote for such other purpose under a State constitution or statute or a local ordinance; and
(3)voting for such other purpose is conducted independently of voting for a candidate for such Federal offices, in such a manner that an alien has the opportunity to vote for such other purpose, but not an opportunity to vote for a candidate for any one or more of such Federal offices.
(b)Any person who violates this section shall be fined under this title, imprisoned not more than one year, or both.
(c)Subsection (a) does not apply to an alien if—
(1)each natural parent of the alien (or, in the case of an adopted alien, each adoptive parent of the alien) is or was a citizen (whether by birth or naturalization);
(2)the alien permanently resided in the United States prior to attaining the age of 16; and
(3)the alien reasonably believed at the time of voting in violation of such subsection that he or she was a citizen of the United States.
(Added Pub. L. 104–208, div. C, title II, § 216(a), Sept. 30, 1996, 110 Stat. 3009–572; amended Pub. L. 106–395, title II, § 201(d)(1), Oct. 30, 2000, 114 Stat. 1635.)

I believe that’s to mean LEGAL or illegal aliens. Illegal aliens are allowed to vote in local elections for in states like KKKalifornia

In 1996, the U.S. Congress passed a law prohibiting noncitizens from voting in federal elections, such as U.S. House, U.S. Senate, and presidential elections. Federal law did not address state or local elections.[1]
As of March 2020, two state constitutions specified that noncitizens may not vote in state and local elections: Arizona’s and North Dakota’s. No state constitutions explicitly allowed noncitizens to vote in state or local elections.[2]
Twelve municipalities across the country allowed noncitizens to vote in local elections as of June 2021. Nine were located in Maryland, two were located in Vermont, and the other was San Francisco, California.


Thank you for the information.


Gladly, surprisingly even when we beat them with facts they continue to spew their leftist lies and propaganda that’s completely baseless and without any merit or fact.


Congress needs to force the existing wording on the Constitution. They have the power.

My Man Trump

Why would anyone google it unless they want to hear lies. Social media, google, you tube, etc all work for radicals and censor information and create fake news. WAKE UP!


More waisted time as our country is destroyed!! Just hang all the bastards involved!! It’s the only permanent solution!! Americans need to stop being such pussies, and stomp this evil out permanently!!!

Stan d Mute

It’s going to take ACTUAL courage and not fake online courage to restore our freedom. It’s going to take actual Patriots who care far more about their children than they do about themselves.

Fat effing chance with boomers and millennials. One can only hope that enough Gen-X kids escaped the communist indoctrination and are willing to sacrifice themselves for the rest of you.

Because nothing else is going to work.

so wrong and backasswards

or just take them down however, wherever righteously

Charles Sligh

Regular Iowa Farmer here that went from nothing to a large farm operation…. I applaud what you’ve done & will do for our Country. YOU/(we) NEVER STOP FIGHTING!!! This nation needs you. Thank you.


Thank You Sir, we need lots more like you!

Tobias B. Anderson

We need verifiable election transparency to ensure that these gross violations never happen again.

Chris P Bacon

The fraud is so ridiculous. 133,000 registered voters, 151,000 ballots received…Hello


Well…we all know what the next election the Democrats in Arizona are going to rig is…

YOUR Help is Needed

Only with YOUR help we can spread the word of the 45th President