ICYMI: Lisa Boothe One-on-One with President Donald J. Trump

Listen here to the One-on-One of the 45th President Donald J. Trump on The Truth with Lisa Boothe

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2022 and 2024 can’t get here quick enough. Americans have to make sure elections are not wrecked with fraud again the leftist in our country need to be shut down and done away with.


Just like in the past the elite have used their power through crimes(pedophilia, human trafficking, blackmail, money coercion, etc). These people currently in power are trying to destroy our way of life to hand it over to Communists such as China. They have ramped China up for decades to where now they have the power to take control and the elite will keep their power. Epstein got cancelled so there will be someone to take his place to hand over children to these sick people that drink blood or rape them, all in the sake of satan and their want for power. They have used movies to desensitize the masses so they think what they are seeing is normal. The elite now own most of the top level that the masses depend on. Afghan is no mistake and is being done deliberately to spread more chaos and discontent….divide and conquer. We have not seen the full amount of evil yet, they have planned this hence the stolen elections across the planet with the USA election of 2020 being the most valuable to the elite. Covid (Fauci)was released due to what Trump was doing and they had to get him out. Trump was doing good not only for america but it was spilling over to countries across the world, the elite could not have this type of prosperity, hence the reason we are seeing prices rise and everything is getting unstable. We are seeing the trojan horse destroy freedom and our way of life. The elite took their businesses to China due to slave labor and we all ate it up and allowed it to happen just so we could get cheaper stuff… well now we gave china everything because what goes to china get stolen then mass produced. They have sent their people across the planet to slowly take control of land and resources. They have for years been saying how they do not like the west and how they are creating a military to combat North America (the land of the free). Many people think this is conspiracy but yet that is what they are being programmed to think by the paid for media. We are seeing evil disguise itself as good while enslaving what they can until they get the strike order…… which I believe is coming sooner than expected. The elite have moved their time table forward due to leaks and it is now getting a little messy because of the rush for their plan. They are now fast tracking everything with their puppet Biden in office. Biden and the elite(dems and repubs – crooked ones) have been pushing for our destruction and blaming Russia when it’s their friend China the whole time. The red dragon is far from dumb and they are playing chess just like they have done in the past and we are letting them win by staying glued to their programming. They will now use vax passports or the like methods to weed out anyone not on board with this agenda just like how they used the tech giants to weed out anyone that was letting people know what was going on. This is all being done by design from the highest levels due to they were losing control of the masses after Trump got elected and showed the world how we could do it right and live free and prosper. Hell fire will come if we do not get rid of this evil and we need to start with Biden and Trudeau….they need to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Imma Doomas

Sounds like you have had a psychotic break to me. How many voices are in yeor head right now? Rough count.


ex military here and you are being lied to…..learn the facts….there are still some of us left that care about all people and the wellbeing of the world….unfortunately the elite and their puppets are trying to get rid of all of us out of the military so the military cant step up and stop them.

sorry but many of you have no clue what is coming but the many of you will be the first ones either shot or crying for your mommy while we the strong will do what we can to save you like we always have, so you can feel safe and entitled.

many of us have tried to warn what is coming but noone wants to believe the real heros…youd rather hear our crappy stories of us killing people but when we try to tell you whats really going on you dont want to hear it.

wake up and fast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Imma Doomas

Ex-military? Did you once walk by a military base? Watch GI Joe too many times? Go play army with your imaginary friends General.

Mrs. Sunshine

Understand: Nothing happening in Afghanistan is incompetence or an accident…

It is one part of a UniParty (UniParty works for corporations) action plan to take down America by destroying it from within. Nothing this bad on this scale is unforeseen. Cloward, Piven, Alinsky strategy.

The end game is the great reset and OWG. We are presently under the tyranny of Corporate oligarchy socialism. Corporations are trying to own all the assets and the remaining population that survives will be serfs that rent everything. When the serf can’t work anymore renting everything and owning nothing, they will be killed.

Notice the FAUCI-19 virus and the “vaccine” (it’s not a vaccine) primarily kills the obese, sick and elderly. Notice the only safe vaccines (actual vaccines) are not available in the U.S. to the general pubic. Notice the naturally immune which is the highest and best protection are vilified as selfish murderers and are shunned by the corporate oligarchy. Notice 95% of elected Republicans are really democrats (RINOs).


Spot on!

Imma Doomas

Lisa Boothe is just another RWNJ bimbo who is more famous for her nudes than her political acumen. PERFECT foil for Donnie who likes his wimin loose & dumb

Tommy Marshall

You misspelled your name. It should be DumbAss!!

Imma Doomas

You are so smart! I bet you can go potty all by yourself n’ stuff!


Better than the Bidenophile who prefers children or Obumya who prefers goats and Angry Mike.

Tim Tates

Trump is the 46th President!

Imma Doomas

of what country?



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