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Thank you , thank you , thank you for standing for the people. It’s common have our elections secured.


Great Job Pennsylvania Senators!


Great articles President Trump!
Thank You!

My Man Trump

Biden ALWAYS shifts blame and lies to protect the cabal/squad agenda. He is never interested in protecting America. I hate everything about their regime but I love their poll numbers. Kind of says it all.

Go PA senators. You are right. Never give up.


Almost all these references are out of date. Some nearly a month ago. Specifically, cuttent news shows today oil down 8%… under $100 a barrel…

Also Biden’s performance numbers up significantly this past week…

Then too new poll shows hypothetical Biden/TRUMP 2024 match dead even at 45% each…

Last edited 1 year ago by Dean
Mark Rakow

Biden’s job approval numbers are up 2%, while his job disapproval numbers are down 3%. Whether that’s “significantly” or not is really a matter of opinion.

As for the price of oil, it has indeed fallen – and very sharply. Last Tuesday, oil was nearly $125 a barrel. Today, it’s back under $100 a barrel. Given the situation in Ukraine, volatility in oil prices is not at all surprising. That said, it’s much more sensible to look at the big picture.

Compared to one year ago, the price of oil is about 10% higher. Granted, that’s still a lot. But if prices to continue to fall – and they probably will – that 10% number will fall as well.

Johnny Appleseed

Huh… so Russia is suspending oil lines now….

I wonder if that just made you full of shit skid marks?

My Man Trump

Warning! Warning! You are entering Fake News territory! Warning! Warning!….


FJB! and YOU Commie-Lib!

Spread the word of the 45th President!

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