ICYMI: “Marine veteran who thwarted robbery accepts heroism award—in ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ shirt”

“Thank you, James—Tough and Smart!” – Donald J. Trump

Get your shirts here.

Read the full article by Victor Morton with the Washington Times here.

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Now THIS guy is a hero in so many ways! Love it!


Lol I shared it on Fakebook lol maybe possibly ban oh well lol

My Man Trump

OMG, I love this guy!


Harrisburg PA still has Richard Citizen Journalist in jail. 2tiered legal system all the way down to PEnn. https://t.me/richardcitizenjournalist/3757


Very childish to post a “statement” like this…

Caryl Kaleshnik

I always ask my son (he’s a public school teacher, sadly) if it hurt when THEY sucked his brain out of his head. So, did it, Dean?

My Man Trump

LMAO! That was f’ing great. Sorry about your son. LOL


Dean, you are certified dumb ass. I have been reading your stupid crap for a bit now. How you can defend this absolute s**t show that we are living through right now proves that you are are probably a freeloader snowflake of some sort. In my house we would not trust “Brandon” to operate a toaster. Yet, he is your hero? Adjust your hockey helmet , put down the drool cup ….. and set the bar a little higher.


Sorry Patrick, off topic name calling is not an intelligent response… So you believe it fitting for a former “leader of the free world” to post such a “statement”… no matter what your politics this is a disgrace to the office of the president (both of them)

My Man Trump

You’re the biggest disgrace of them all and if you don’t like name calling then quit being a complete dumbass.


Dean. Would you consider me saying you’re a TURD, calling you a name? See to me, thats just declaring a fact.


Stick It Dino!


Awww. Did ums get Jim’s feelwings hurt?



As a veteran I support this message and the action taken to SAVE AMERICA and MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN. “LET’S GO BRANDON.”


Another classless person just like his cult hero. His ancestors will see that someday.


Don’t you have a Gerald Nadler look alike contest you need to attend?


Cult? You mean people that enjoyed life in America under President Trump? You know, before your folks have done everything they can to make it suck?


Another Commie-Lib DUMMY!


I’ll bet you think his heroic act was classless too? You clowns are a bunch of f-ing losers and you’re going to start learning how tired of you the world really is. Now stfu and go suck your thumb in the corner.


Ours are coming in the mail today! I think I want a “Let’s Go Brandon” mask also. I hate the idea of paying for a mask, but it is symbolic of the fact that the ONLY reason we have to wear one here in California is because of Democrats like Gavin Newsom and Joe Biden.

Michael Jenson

Like that Hat…



Rock N Roll James Great Job!
Let’s Go Brandon!


Gotta love this one!! I was very surprised the interview was allowed to happen knowing what “Let’s Go Brandon” means. LOL. Kudo’s to the Marine Veteran to stopped the robbery!! Great job on all fronts!!

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