ICYMI: “Mark Levin blasts 19 GOP senators on ‘Hannity’: They ‘chose tyranny”

“From Mark Levin, an American Patriot!

Read the full article from Fox News here. “

By Donald J. Trump

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Debra Warner

USA 9/7/2021….Democrats. I guess it’s time to PRAY “Lord Forgive Them, For They Know Not What They Do” ….is so needed and a COMPLETELY NEW REPUBLICAN ADMINISTRATION. Let’s get going people…🤔😩 FIRE THEM ALL…!!!


the biden admin along with trudeau are handing north america over to communist china….just like before trump it was a slow silent take over… now it is being fast tracked…the elite want to shift power to where they get more control…..people forgot already that Oboma gave the keys to the internet to the EU Elite which is and always has been part of the one world orders agenda…slow and steady and send in as many trojan horses until one takes hold. We are see the CCP use their people to buy up land resources, etc so they can gain control when the time comes. CCP for decades has been beating the war drums against north america and we have been funding their whole agenda under the elite take over of north america. PERIOD.

Debra Warner

It’s so sad 😞 I grew up in the 50’s 60’s 70’s 80’s to present day. Lived and worked in 6 states and 25 cities in the USA and I’m so grateful to be OUT of the corrupt Silicone Valley and hope the border crisis doesn’t change OUR COUNTRY.🇺🇸🇺🇸


What happened to Mike Lindel ?
Nor a mention from Mr. TRUMP and now Mike’s 24/7, 3 day Symposium is “live” on tape; repeat video from yesterday.
Anybody know what’s up with that ?

Debra Warner

The Corrupt “BIG MEDIA” took over. 😩😳🇺🇸🇺🇸


Could it be the Democrats figure this Infrastructure Bill is their last hurrah—their Waterloo? So they’re putting everything, including the kitchen sink, in it, knowing it may all be “overturned” at some point anyway? It’s so unprofessional and irresponsible that it seems fictitious! One finds one’s self looking for some rational reason behind it all. 😵‍💫
Here’s what I’ve decided needs to happen. We just need Trump to send ‘em all to their rooms to think about what they’ve done. Meanwhile he picks up the pieces and resumes his duly elected presidency for 2021. Period.
And when they have a fit to come out, he can have a Rec Room ready for them all to go play in. With bars on it. And cute striped jump suits for them to wear—to match. ☺️

To be continued….probably. Or not.

Last edited 2 years ago by Kathryn
Mike Hunt

Hey Katie; did you know that mental health is covered in the ACA? Go git you some help from Obamacare because Trump, he DON’T care.


Hey Leftist; George Soros must have to shell-out a lot of scratch for you on this website. Even at 2 cents a comment , you are on here 24/7. (I mean seriously guy, go out and get a girl-friend.)

Mike Hunt

Oh Thoski, you have to get new lines, the old ones were lame to begin with & now they’re a joke. Like you.


You trying to shut-down my speech Leftist?

The one who uses name calling and put-downs to cover his low IQ?

O how typical of a democrat…..

Debra Warner

THAT IS A GREAT PUNISHMENT….for those little Democrat children.If my child, he would be in TIME OUT FOR 20 YEARS With NO chance of parole or early release.👌😏

Cynthia Stone

We asked President Trump for help ridding S.C. of rinos but he continually backed Lindsey,T Scott and Drew. Very disappointing.

Linda MacLeod Goodman

‘…keep your enemies closer.’

Cary Miller

Mr. President/4-10-20, Sir. I believe that it is past time to give the order to “Pull it”. We faithfully support you 100%! Deputization ready! (Raging Bull)


I’m a sucker. When Lindsey Graham cried because he was going to lose re-election I sent him money. Now that he’s in for 6 year he can screw me. I will not forget, you a$$ Graham.


Those 19 Rhino senators are TRAITORS!

True Americana

Who’s gonna tell him?


The Voters 🙂

Mike Hunt

He’ll figure it out when Donnie is perp-walked out of Bedminster



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