ICYMI: Milley is considering falling on his sword

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Milley is a complete and total traitor for allowing Biden to RIG the election and the Total cluster-flub in Afghanistan! He should be tried for Treason and sentenced to death by hanging!

Mrs. Sunshine

Milley allowed the coup to install biden* with eyes wide open and now is having regrets.

Coward, moron, traitor.


Mr. (Real) President

What would you expect from General Milley? He stabbed you in the back, like Mattis, Kelly and McMaster. These three stooges are more concerned with being “woke” than they are about keeping the US safe. Milley needs to go home, put on his favorite eyeliner and rouge and let the real troops save our people. WE need you back President Trump!!




Only know what you have after it’s gone!!

Carlos Idelone

Just a scapegoat for the whole incompetent bunch of them.


Well, I’m sure glad he wishes 45 was back! Tells me he’s still got some good thinking cells in the ol’ grey matter! Does this mean he’s going to take the blame, even though he told Biden the right stuff to do but Biden chose to ignore his advice?! No, no, no—we do NOT want Biden off the hook!!

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