ICYMI: “Nancy and Paul Pelosi Making Millions in Stock Trades in Companies She Actively Regulates”

You can read the full article by Glenn Greenwald here

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Oh! BTW – Hillary is still not President.


We need you back Mr DJ Trump! I don’t think this country can take much more of Joey!! Also Mr. President, can you fact check this, I read that per the constitution, Kamala can’t serve as vise President due to the immigration status of her mother and father, is this true?


Why are ppl that don’t like trump even on here?!?

Mike Hunt

Sorry Donnie, did you get Pelosi confused with Loeffler & all the other MAGAts who heard classified data on the pandemic & sold millions in stock? Is that how you got them to buy into the big lie?


Trump didn’t even write that article you pathetic, communist loving troll!


Nancy for Leavenworth Federal Prison!


Martha Stewart went away for doing far less! But we all know that Nancy is above the law. Just ask her.

Annette Dimesky

Inside trading or does not apply!??

Mike Hunt

Yes, it was RAMPANT in TFG’s administration!

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