ICYMI: Nevada 2024 Presidential General Election Poll

“Wow! We love you Nevada and I will be seeing you all very soon!”

By Donald J. Trump

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Make Nevada RED Again!

My Man Trump

How in the hell can FJB have 34%. Who are these people and do they live on our planet. Oh, those people are part of the greedy elite and the wanna-be crowd, like the commies on this site. The wanna-be crowd still doesn’t get they are just temporarily being used until the great reset is done. LOL. Never gonna happen. President Trump was elected to be our 46th President and he is and will be as soon as the WH occupants are kicked out and dealt with. Bi, Bi, Biden!


Dems don’t steal pills, they only steal elections.

Craig Barrett

Hard to believe 34% of the people in Utah are that stupid , here where I live it’s 90% TRUMP and 10% FJB

My Man Trump

Awesome. Your state has all the smart people.


Your lead will only widen over Biden and everyone else …

But the old coot doesn’t even know where he is now. By 2024, he will be running his “campaign” from the basement of a nursing home in Delaware.

Looking forward to your speech tonite.

My Man Trump

First FJB already announced he is not running (no shit). Secondly, he is the head of the FJB crime family and he will have to answer for that because Hunter’s laptop leads to him. And third, Trump will be back to claim his win in the 2020 election. He will also run in 2024 but he will be in the WH enjoying his win of 2020 and undoing all of FJBs criminal and evil BS. Things are going to get very interesting and nothing can stop it.

James W Cummings

2024? That does nothing to cure the 2020 theft problem.


Good point…. Trump probably had that lead before the 2020 election I would imagine if the polls were not rigged just like the election

Last edited 1 year ago by THE FOOL PATROL
My Man Trump

It will be before 2024. He won in 2020 and he will claim his win once his plan is complete. He has all the proof of the steal and they will be rounded up and punished.

Pete Jones

When though? He’s been telling us he has all the proof for months and months. Yet there seems to be less and less activity on righting the wrong than ever. And now he’s bringing this lawsuit against Hillary? How does that get the election back? I’m starting to worry that the only plan has been to get us loyal fans to contribute money all along…



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