ICYMI – November 11

“Prices climbed 6.2 percent in October compared with last year, largest rise in 3 decades, as inflation strains economy”

Read the full article by Rachel Siegel, Andrew Van Dam, and Laura Reiley with the Washington Post here.

“Higher gas prices and heating costs will hurt low-income families the most this winter”

Read the full article by Mark Wolf for CNN Business here

“Vast majority of voters see Biden’s open-border policies as serious problem”

Read the full article by Conn Carroll with the Washington Examiner here

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Nicola Spagnolo Jr.

This administration and the demented DEPENDS wearing Joe have to go! We need President Trump back in the White House ASAP where he RIGHTFULLY belongs!


Roger-That BIG TIME!


Steve Bannon indicted. Don’t think he’ll get a pardon this time.


IMPEACH Criminal Biden NOW!

Stalwart Republican

For what?

Save Our United States

Failure to uphold his Constitutional duties (i.e., breaking the law)

My Man Trump

Who are FJB’s handlers. It’s not Osama Obama, he is just a middle guy. It’s the same handler Obama had. Is it the Masons. Is is the Illuminati. Or is it a coven of the billionaires (SoreAss, Rothschilds, Rockefellers etc., those billionaires). Of course they are part of Masons/Illuminati Reptilian coven. They do not play well with others. They need to be taken down. They are all about power, greed, control and hate.


Stop it with the reptilian nonsense already. I exposed the flight log list and Nancy Pelosi in the underground rooms of Epstein island. You are watching the biggest coverup in US history. No one in the fake news media want to acknowledge a disabled mom from NY exposed a worldwide trafficking ring. The vatican and fake royals were also involved. I researched and downloaded the declassified files.I exposed the truth all over facebook. The media All know “who” and “what” I have exposed.

Stalwart Republican

Wow, you seem important. Maybe you should try to steal the next election.

My Man Trump

Who are you and what the hell are you talking about. Sounds like a lot of nonsense to me. Did you expose the Reptilians.


Could someone please explain what reptilian means? Besides scaley creepy critters?



My Man Trump

The pope, the top elite….the coven in their exclusive rituals, get together in a room dressed as reptiles because they worship them and chant. The illumanotti, masons, Rothschilds, Rockefellers, etc. Bitchute had a hidden video of their ritual. Probably Epstein as well. Check it out. It’s pretty evil.



Ken K

Biden is not calling the shots. Deepstate is and they want to kill us all



Stalwart Republican

Ah yes. The Pentaverate. The Queen. The Gettys. The Rothschilds. The Pope. And Colonel Sanders before he went tits up.

Such a deep state.

marleen Ethel nemecek

President Trump we need you back we do not want to see our country go down the tubes and we do not like seeing the little children of the world getting hurt by all the evil people I pray for things to get better every day and night and again thanks for all you are doing to keep America Great again



Stalwart Republican

Blah blah blah. Here’s a prediction. Trump is going to lose every chance he has to keep the evidence of his January 6th insurrection under cover. How soon he flees the country after that can be counted in seconds.

The man is a coward. That’s all he’s ever been.


and biden does not care one bit or whoever it is behind the curtain running the show.


Nope –they don’t care about this country or the American people or the constitution. They only care about power, control, and money. They seem to feel that they will live forever and never be held accountable for the evils they do.


Well Said!

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