ICYMI – November 16

“Brutal Numbers For Biden: If Midterms Were Held Today 51% of Registered Voters Say They Would Vote Republican; Just 41% For Dems”

Read the full article by Julian Conradson with the Gateway Pundit here

“Sen. Cynthia Lummis: Biden arrives at COP26 climate summit with a US energy crisis he created

Read the full article by Sen. Cynthia Lummis for Fox News here

“Kinzinger retirement underscores Trump dominance over GOP”

Read the full article by Tal Axelrod with the Hill here

“Gold Star father blasts Biden’s reported migrant payments as ‘completely disrespectful’ to military families”

Read the full article by Bailee Hill with Fox News here.

“What Undermined Biden’s Popularity?”

Read the full article by Brett Parker and David Brady with Real Clear Politics here.

Wyoming GOP votes to stop recognizing Cheney as a Republican

Read the full article from the AP here.

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Criminal Joe Biden will be Polling In (-The Negatives -) SOON!

Rosanne. Choate

Biden popular? Yea, right! He’s not the one who won our 80 million votes as you did, Mr. President! He only received 68 million or thousand.

Short Bus Sam

It’s infrastructure week! #ThankYouBrandon


Green Week Commie-Lib!
FJB! and YOU!


Big deal. Biden’s voter (the 45%) are unhappy,. Worse is that NOTHING has been done to fix the fraudulent voter systems, which means the Democrats are going to steal 2022 too. By only a few percentages, of course. Sad of US.

Johnny Appleseed



Last edited 1 year ago by Johnny Appleseed

I guess we may as well just stick our heads in the sand and do nothing then? I believe like Johnny A said, we have to do like the warroom says, show up in mass, and get on the election boards, become election judges, and monitors. Quitting is not an option!!


Biden is the turd that the Dems rolled in powdered sugar in hopes of getting a doughnut— Sorry Dems – He’s just a turd.

My Man Trump

I love those articles. Everyone of them. And L. Cheney has never been a Republican and daddy was a Rino right along with the Bushs’. The Gold Star father was right on. It is disrespectful to pay murderers, terrorists and major lawbreakers any money at all. And those were Obama’s cages that he put the children in. President Trump used what was already there. Really we do not have to say anything about FJB and his regime. Just display the numbers.

Elizabeth Headley

Fitting that Liz Cheney gets voted out! May all the other 49 states take heed! Like her Father before her, a title is meaningless, if adorned only as a “cover” to hide behind, in order to sow dissention, and bring about failure, to that which you pretend to represent. Those days are over!
Welcome to the ERA OF TRUTH!
For all of you who wish to serve-act as Constitutional representatives in your States, let this be your forewarning, LIARS and IMPLANTS meant to bring about destruction to our great Nation..you will be weeded out and burned as the chaff that you are!
Thank you Wyoming!


I couldn’t help but notice that the AP still have their heads up their butt regarding the November 3rd election… “…she continued to criticize Trump’s false claims that voter fraud cost him re-election.”


You said “Trumps FALSE CLAIMS”. Is sounds like YOU are saying Trumps claims of voter fraud are false. I believe you are pro-Trump, and you were repeating the AP’s stating of false claims by Trump. This will get you down votes around these parts.

Johnny Appleseed

They are quotations.

The poster said the AP is still plagued by self induced cranial colonoscopies….

Can’t help it if they like being asshats.


Yes the AP is and always will be. Unfortunately LeeVin got down voted for his terminology, as many do. Also he said “she” and was apparently referring to cheney not the AP lol so yes it is easy to misread! 🙂

Last edited 1 year ago by griffthegrand
Johnny Appleseed

Why has the backpage story never seen the light of day???

Just a digger asking questions.

Backpage.com was seized???


what was the story? I see they were seized back in 2018.

Johnny Appleseed

From what I am reading they were charged with Contempt of Congress….

Sex Trafficking seems to be the theme.


WOW this is something I never heard of! Not surprised at the cover up after what we’ve seen of sex trafficking concerning the democrats. Contempt of congress is acceptable for dem’s and their favorite activities, but for Trump, his cabinet members, and supporters it goes beyond a mere misdemeanor and appears to be worse than a felony in their minds.

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