ICYMI – November 18

“Washington’s Newest Parlor Game: “Joe, Kamala, Nancy, or Chuck?” Who Will Still Be in Office One Year From Now?”

Read the full article by Shane Harris for AMAC here

“Top Obama advisers turn on Biden after repeatedly warning of rising inflation”

Read the full article by Jessica Chasmar for Fox News here

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My Man Trump

Too funny about the parlor game. I have a great feeling about the fact that none of them will be standing once DJT comes back and that will not even take a year.


None of them.

Save Our United States

“Top Obama advisers turn on Biden after repeatedly warning of rising inflation”

Biden does as he is told. He does not have the capacity to reason. The powers that be want inflation. They want to burn the house down and rebuild it as Marxist utopia.


One thing we know for sure, it won’t be trump in office a year from now.

My Man Trump

You do not know anything even half way but you know this for sure. “Lunatic Fringe…I still know you’re out there….”. FJB and his regime and brainwashed followers.

Ken K

I’m going to be paid and pay with gold till deepstate goes to TRIBUNALS.
I can grow food.
Been baptized so death is just another door but the best one as heaven awaits.
Everyone get baptized and sport crosses as the demons hate crosses.
Maybe one might get saved.

Michael Jenson

We can only hope NONE, Amen.


This comment pertains to Washington’s newest parlor game post. Although I’d love to see them all go before mid-terms, my gripe is with the story itself. AMAC like all other so called news outlets still won’t recognize and admit that Biden and Harris won nothing! They went along with the big lie and were completely fine with cheating their way in office. So called news outlets still fail to admit this so as much as I’d like to think Biden, Harris, Pelosi and Chucky may all be gone soon I don’t care to hear it from not do I believe anything anyone in FAKE NEWS continues to lie about. Confess that President Trump was robbed and Biden wasn’t elected and then maybe I’ll listen to what you have to say. Maybe.


US was conquered. We know the thugs but who’s the master mind. This is happening globally.

Save Our United States

It’s not conquered until we say it is conquered and that ain’t gonna happen!

YOUR Help is Needed

Only with YOUR help we can spread the word of the 45th President