ICYMI – November 19

“Scoop: Surprise Trump book, ‘Our Journey Together'”

Read the full article by Paul Bedard here.

“Videos Show Alleged Election Law Violations in 2020 Presidential Scam”

Watch Rob Schmitt’s segment on Newsmax here.

“Trump plans first post-presidency book”

Read the full article by Mike Allen with Axios here.

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Nicola Spagnolo Jr.

Dear President Trump, and to everyone else who supports our beloved President,
After seeing news about President Trump’s new upcoming book on a couple of Facebook sites, I commented basically writing that not only was I highly interested in purchasing a copy of the book, but I also wrote that the book is highly rich with many quality photographs highlighting the years and important moments in time of the Trump Presidency. I further stated that I believe the book would also make an excellent keepsake and also a wonderful “coffee table” style book.
What happened next is that Facebook threatened to block my account and then they removed my comments.
I believe it is an ABSOLUTE DISGRACE that Facebook with such bias and hatred toward President Trump regarding his upcoming book “OUR JOURNEY”, that I believe Facebook is trying to cancel President Trump’s book.
When will something be done?
Can President Trump look into the issue that Facebook is effectively trying to CANCEL President Trump’s book by silencing supporters who are happy to be buying a quality book?





Here’s what I want to read: 1) Endorsements = sentencing of criminal who put together the Fake Russia Witch Hunt. 2) The criminals – crimes by the Biden Admin./ democrats and RINOs are in process of going to prison. 3) Trump runs for the next president. 4) All the screw-ups created by the democrats have are in process of being corrected by real republicans. 5) and I’ll end it there: I want to read how rich I will soon be because having one foot in homeless is grounds for a good fight.


Criminal Biden for Leavenworth Federal Prison!

My Man Trump

I just ordered “Our Journey Together”. Can’t wait to get it.

How horrifying. I just watched the news clip about Pa. I know Biden stole the election and even with that, the video was shocking. I really hope they get these criminals.

Save Our United States

“Videos Show Alleged Election Law Violations in 2020 Presidential Scam”

Message to Pennsylvanians: You need double down on your elected officials, get your state fully audited and tightened up your voting process. Your elected officials are deciding who you elect and not you. If they get away with it this time, it will only get worse next time.


Well Said!
100% Correct!


First of all I’d like to congratulate President Trump on the new book. I can’t wait to get a copy of it. Secondly thank God for these whistleblowers for stepping up and exposing to America what we already knew but still needed this hard evidence as more proof of a scam election. And finally congratulations to all of the fine patriotic American citizens who are shown on all of those videos and best wishes to all of them on getting a nice corner cell with a view of the ocean and a very welcoming cell mate that allows them to take the top bunk when they go to prison. Best of luck, my fingers are crossed for all of you.


US has been conquered by a global cabal and we don’t know who it is.


Yes we do know. Alex Jones has the answer right here https://rumble.com/vpgj49-us-govt.-signed-secret-treaty-with-pfizer-worldwide-medical-extermination-s.html If you don’t take this seriously you don’t care about the continuation of the human race. Come on Donald Trump and watch this.

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