ICYMI – November 23

“So, where’s The Post’s Pulitzer for Hunter Biden exposé?: Goodwin”

Read the full article by Michael Goodwin with the New York Post here

“Joe Biden just keeps on lying to the American public: Devine”

Read the full article by Miranda Devine with the New York Post here

“Poll: Voters’ doubts rising about Biden’s health, mental fitness

Read the full article by Marc Caputo with Politico here

“Kamala Harris is a very weird person”

Read the full article by Kyle Smith with the New York Post here

“Glasgow idiocy: Climate change isn’t remotely the world’s No. 1 problem”

Read the full article from the New York Post here

“Pulitzer board stonewalls queries about Trump lawsuit, rescinding prizes for debunked reporting”

Read the full article by Natalia Mittelstadt with Just the News here

“At just 36% support, Biden slips to a record low in a new poll”

Read the full article by Paul Steinhauser with Fox News here

“Durham Unravels the Russia Case”

Read the full article from the Wall Street Journal here

“New York Times sings Dem blues after election losses: Goodwin”

Read the full article by Michael Goodwin with the New York Post here

“Historic pro-GOP voting gap revealed, potential 70-seat pickup”

Read the full article by Paul Bedard with the Washington Examiner here

“The Left’s Climate Humiliation”

Read the full article by Kimberley A. Strassel with the Wall Street Journal here

“I&I/TIPP Poll: 48% Say They’re ‘Not Confident’ In Biden As Commander In Chief”

Read the full article by Terry Jones with Tippinsights here

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Sue Mckee

This was just put out in the news. There is a new virus in Africa and Has made its way to other countries. Biden won’t close down travel because Fauci told him not to. Sound familiar! He told you the same thing but you knew better and shut it down and saved lives. We are about to get sick because Fauci wants to make MONEY and his research is more important! How else can you see how contagious a virus is unless you purposely let it in? We need to shut down travel now! We need you back really soon!! God help us.

My Man Trump

FJB is a major lying shriveled up piece of crap. His sidekick is even worse but for many different reasons. EXCUSE ME BUT I HAVE TO TYPE VERY LOUD SO YOU CAN HEAR ME OVER HER CACKLING. When is it all going to end. I’m tired of this movie. Time to move on. Where is “The best is yet to come”. It needs to come now.

Ken K

Who does the polls and where?
La La Land?
95% of the thousands of people I work with are Mexican and those who voted pedophile blue tell me they made a horrible mistake. I tell them it’s not all their fault. That Nazi fake news is mostly to blame and all FCC regulated broadcasting networks all internet news networks all social media needs investigated and also demand polygraph for Mark Zuckerburg SuckemAbutt and his pedo butt buddy Jack doorshit Dorsey. Polygraph for all.
Wouldn’t it be a kick ass invention if it doesnt already exist (give me a percent whoever does this) if one could come up with a device whereas someone talks it would detect a lie remotely? It could even be used on past recorded videos and audios.

That’s awesome.
Contact me for a photon generator idea.
Last patent I ran through I didnt finish because I work too much. It’s still doable. Would save lives but who cares about lives .
If people cared they wouldn’t wear masks to make themselves sick to get a fake jab with genocide ingredients. Just a nano nap


You’d probably burn that device out on the first interview with a democrat. It would be smokin’.


FAKE president Biden’s approval poll is (-36).


I’d be surprised if it was that high


He’s a mental invalid and everyone knows it- even Dems – they just keep backing him because they don’t want to admit that they were wrong. He’s an idiot traitor.


Thank you (^^)/

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