ICYMI – November 28

“New Poll Shows Majority of Americans Lack Confidence in Biden’s Immigration Policy”

Read the full article by Caroline Downey with the National Review here.

“Rep. Jim Jordan to Newsmax: ‘Every American’ Should Spend Time with Trump

Read the full article by Charles Kim with Newsmax here.

“Trump-backed Kari Lake stakes early lead in Arizona governor primary: Poll

Read the full article by david drucker with the washington Examiner here.

“Jamie Dimon ‘regrets’ saying JPMorgan will outlive the Chinese Communist Party”

Read the full article by Lydia Moynihan with the New York Post here.

“Liberal media ignores Waukesha Christmas parade horror: Devine”

Read the full article by Miranda Devine with the New York Post here.

“Coverage of Steele Dossier Is a Dark Period for American Media”

Read the full article by Tim Murtaugh for the Daily Signal here.

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Let’s Go Brandon!
FJB! and the Commie-Liberals!

My Man Trump

I am very surprised that Biden’s immigration policy lack of confidence, even though it is the majority, isn’t higher. I have zero confidence in all things Biden.

Great article by Jim Jordan. So well said, so true and honest and yes! we would love to spend time with Trump.

Everything is going great for DJT and most of that is because he makes things happen and some of that is the fact that the FJB regime is just God-awful.

Michael Jenson

we can’t hear on what’s going on in court and the other courtrooms was 24-7 who’s names are they protecting, fool me once………….

Michael Jenson

step right up, step right up, come see the lizard face boy Dr. fauck watch his tongue it’s split. Come see the flamingo boy we call him Shifty (crooked leg who knew). and look boys and girls the ghoul, the house blinker (believe me now. wink, wink) and not to be left behind, over here brandon the zombie with most corn-pop. oh no brandon shut up whispers 44th……………


Having confidence in anything BIden is like Biden having confidence that one of his farts won’t end up being another one of his loads of crap.

Johnny Appleseed


Who woulda thunk it?

You mean the lying two timing

(Trump is racist for the travel ban…. We’s gonna ban the black nations over O-MY-CRONIES variant… lying back biting cheating two timing sacks of shit… O-bite-me literally said Trump doing exactly what O-bite-me is doing was a horrible thing to do… it was considered racist and white supremacy…)

cheating scumbag can no longer fool the American people???

The only people that believe him are idiots that need safe spaces to deal with actual justice prevailing because they are confused which bathroom to use???

Good grief…


Last edited 1 year ago by Johnny Appleseed

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