ICYMI – November 8

“Biden Administration Plans Wind Farms Along Nearly the Entire U.S. Coastline”

“Destroying our oceans, landscapes, and birds!” – Donald J. Trump

Read the full article by Coral Davenport with the New York Times here

“Gloomy landscape for Democrats in midterms as Biden’s approval drops to 38%”

Read the full article by Susan Page and Rick Rouan with USA Today here.

“Richard Grenell Reacts to ‘Big Win’ in Virginia”

“What’s happening in our country right now is unacceptable. I think that there’s never been a greater acceptance of the four years of Trump than right now.” – Richard Grenell

Watch the full Fox News interview here

“Tom Homan—Biden Border Crisis”

Watch the full Fox News interview here

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Wind farms? They are NOT working Now in England why should the USA have them?
Let’s Go Brandon!


America is fed up with the radical left. We need our country back before there is no country. Praying for justice and freedom. Drain The Swamp. MAGA


biden is a liberal creep but i am not sure the twirp even knows what is going on around him we need to find out who is doing the thinking and get rid of them, also harris and pelosi and schumer and obama.

Johnny Appleseed

I am going to attempt to explain the current “climate crisis”.

First the cheapest way to make electricity is coal and nuclear. It costs pennies to produce this way.

(This is not mentioning we have more natural gas than we know what to do with.)

Remember the cabal is not invested in either.

Turn around profits are required to make money. With coal there is turn around profits but it is a “dirty fuel”… which is used to create the “climate crisis”. (More on that in a min.)

Coal is a fossil fuel. So is crude oil. Humans lump things together. Crude oil is actually insulated from coal. Coal is more of a manufacturing fuel and crude oil can be used all around but is a bit more expensive. Crude is insulated because of automobiles.

Automobiles make crude a rolling turnaround profit… like ink for printers.

The demand will always be there.

The problem is independents are getting in on oil this making the people less easy to control.

The economy is depressed to raise the price of crude oil.

The best way to drive the price up for something it to make it less accessible.

Thus using the “climate crisis” as an excuse to create a manufactured “oil crisis”.

Politicians are using inside trading information to make profits.

When people realize the “climate crisis” it used to crate the fuel crisis… and “green energy” is being used to latch on the “big tech slave chains”….

They will fight back.

Supply and demand in the real world:

If something is cheep… gain all control of it and remove access to the general public. Make a shortage of it though you have more than enough for everyone.


Part of solving the problems is actually knowing what they are.

Perhaps now you understand why the deep state loves a depressed economy and there is always a shortage of everything.

Last edited 1 year ago by Johnny Appleseed
Ken K

Biden purposely supplied terrorist to attack Arizona.
Do the hypothesis.
Open border.
Largest nuclear plant on earth.
Rhino governor who helped plant democrats to senator and sheriff positions.
Iran just helped the Taliban arm them 3 drones Biden gave them.
Biden also is disarming the USA while encouraging an invasion.
All these factors are #facts
Arrest them all.
Or we all die.
There is no other explanation of events.
Our military would NEVER leave billions of weapons behind.
An idiot could see it was on purpose.


May I ask, is there a chance in God’s name that if the acting POS and its acting administration be removed from their current acting positions, if the approval rate drops to magic % number? If yes, what is that #? Otherwise We The People are tired of the shit show and all involved. At least you now know who is in the swamp and all the rhinos. We The People want them all put on the train to Gitmo (which in my eyes is still way to good for them all) a 3cent item rids our great nation of all the evil that has been shown to us since you were in office and continues to come out. We The People Do NOT COMPLY, to be in their depopulation plan, but we are being blackmailed to get the depopulation jab or lose everything we have worked our lives for. My house as thousands of others will NOT COMPLY, things can be replaced lives cannot. Mr. President, if people are not awake now, they never will be. Why are the ones that are awake have your 6 and all that fight the same fight continue to suffer, loose our jobs, our homes have no food on the table? This is what they doing to us all that know what they are doing and have done before you or your parents were ever born. This depopulation has been in the works that long Mr. President. PLEASE for the Love of God end this horrible nightmare we all find ourselves in at this time. You have private business such as Union Pacific railroad, forcing the jab or lose your job. My husband has worked for them for the last 15 yrs. many others 20plus years and there is about 44% that will not COMPLY to forced depopulation jab. This is just one company there are thousands more that are following this insane plan. What can WE do, What can I do? Please tell us so we can help end this. Thank you for all you have and continue to do for the TRUE Americans of the USA.


I read that his approval rate is closer o 28%. However, everyone is forgetting about God – unless you all think maybe He be you? God said we need to put Him back where He belongs in this nation and there needs to be repentance for treating Him with disrespect, and killing 66 million unborn human babies. There will have to be a chastisement. Just like we don’t want the guilty who has done all this harm to go free, after mocking and denying God as Lord of this nation and allowing the murder and rape of children, we are not exactly innocent. Whatever chastisement we go through, we are going to have to accept what we deserve, bless God, get rid of abortion and be converted to the Truth.

Anita Molamphy

when are seniors going to get enough money to live on?

Anthony Strow

There was never a remote lack of acceptance given, that without the CCP’s cyber attack of the machines in our election, Americans voted with the largest turnout for an incumbent, garnering 80+ million votes, in history. The American people voted a complete affirmation to the Trump administration’s policies, both internationally and domestically, with a clear mandate to support the same. Granted now, if a new fair election was to take place, Trump would Garner at least another 15 million votes from people who admittedly have voter’s remorse. Let’s fix 2020 and put the People’s true choice for President back in the Whitehouse and salvage the sinking ship we are currently on with communist puppet masters from afar and even residing in the deep state domestically clearly running the show. The CCP and Russia both have benefited greatly by Biden’s complete lack of awareness of the clear advantages they have taken of our great nation given his willful ignorance of the world and how they are playing him like a fiddle. They want him in there to further a One World Government agenda that will decimate billions of lives worldwide. It is essential that the USA remove herself from this One World Government agenda. We are, in only 10 months, beginning to act like China from a governing and media propagandizing perspective. I am optimistic that God has used this time to draw all American’s together for His perfect will and deserved glory. I feel a great awakening is coming and the bright side of seeing the evil brought clearly into the light will help to expose the evil players and to teach our nation to never take liberty, freedom, and a clear view of right and wrong for granted.


Well Said!


Let’s talk about Gov. Gavin Newsom of California and Pfizer CEO being arrested! Get this new out to everyone! Media silent!

Shave Our Country

Mostly silent because it never happened?


Move to China Commie-Lib!

Johnny Appleseed

It does the cause and us no good to spread speculation.

No balls Nuisance was missing for a few days.

We don’t know what happened.

Jumping to conclusions causes us to look very unstable.

I am guilty of it myself I admit, but we need to know what’s up before we start saying they were arrested.

I use President Trump as conformation.

I use the media for conformation.

I use alternative media for conformation.

And still I believe half of what I see and none of what I hear.

Follow God. He will reveal all truths in the exact right moment. You will know beyond a shadow of a doubt.

Remember to be patient with your self. We all are waking up from being lied to for years and years.

Mary Geiger

“Biden Administration Plans Wind Farms Along Nearly the Entire U.S. Coastline”

Gotta wonder how much AOC is paying ol’ joe to do these things. When will green become too green for him? He has no sense of reality at all, it’s all fun and games for him. How much longer will we have to put up with him?



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