ICYMI: “OAN: Maricopa Latest with Sonny Borrelli”

Watch the full video of Natalie Harp with The Real Story on OAN here. 

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Ralph Fleming

Even the clip Trump posted on here isn’t even claiming they have proof of fraud. Seth keshels numbers are TREND ANALYSIS. This election was trend setting it clearly had more votes than any other election has ever had. How many times has Trump reminded everyone that he got a record number of votes for a sitting president. You can’t have it both ways. You can’t say through trend analysis that Biden got 8 million more votes than he should have but Trump’s are record breaking without going against trend analysis.

Also even their brief mention of the numbers out of Maricopa County they aren’t calling evidence of fraud. They label it “discrepancies”. It’s crazy most people on here point to those things as evidence when even the news they’re getting it from isn’t claiming it’s evidence.

Finally how many subpoenas did Trump ignore?


I’ve seen multiple news sites claim possible fraud on this election – of which you seem to ignore.. And what about the subpoena that Maricopa and Dominion are ignoring? Surely that bothers you since you feel like subpoena’s shouldn’t be ignored. Anyways, if you look at all the information regarding the election, its quite compelling. And personally I believe it warrants investigation/ thorough audits. Try to be open-minded and reasonable? Being this biased in your comment makes you look gullible.

Ralph Fleming

So by processing what OANN had in their news clip I seem gullible? I simply pointed out that they even admit none of what they’ve found is fraud. Discrepancies do not indicate fraud. Cyber ninjas has been at this for how long? The biggest thing they’ve found is that some (165,000) were on different paper. Not that those 165,000 ballots processed incorrectly, not that those ballots were cast by dead people, not that those ballots were cast by illegals, not that all of those ballots were cast strictly for Biden, they were on different paper. Ballots aren’t money there isn’t an official ballot paper. But sure by making my own determination about what OANN provided I could see where you would say I seem gullible. Trend analysis analyzes trends, this election proved to be trend setting it had a record number of votes. You can’t apply trend analysis and say Biden’s was the only votes to go against the trend. Remember Trump got a record number of votes for a sitting president his votes also go against the trend.
Take the time to look into what Trump lawyers say when they are on a court of law and have to worry about perjury and being held in contempt. Look at fox news and OANN when they were threatened with real legal action. Look at Sydney Powell’s response to dominion’s lawsuit. You can call me a lot of things but gullible isn’t one of them.


Crime of the century -everyone knows it! Have to be dumb as ricks if you don’t see it!

Mike Hunt

Grift of the Century! (fixed it!)


OK remove Biden/Harris all fixed 🙂


It’s crazy how the media only reported the “200 counts” of voter fraud.

No mention of the audit numbers or the alignment with Seth’s data.

Also interesting the fight going on to with hold info. If you have nothing to hide reveal it so we know.

John Leroy Smith

There will NO 2022 election, without fixing the crapshow 2020 was.

True American

What crapshow? You mean all that false bs about election fraud? Or are you referring to the entirety of the Trump Failed One-Term Lost Both The House And the Senate All His Inner Circle Are Convicted Felons Presidency? Cuz that was the crapshowiest crapshow in all of crapshowity.


How do you know its false Fake American? You dont! nobody does, because democrats keep blocking all investigations. We are losing are country little by little everyday. The socialist/democrats wanna control every aspect of our lives and are obviously going for a huge power-grab. All True Americans should be gravely concerned.

Patriot for TRUMP

So called “True American”, if you don’t like President TRUMP, then go to a different website! Nobody cares about what you think on this website! Go to sleepy joe’s website and support him!

Pete Ayling

We democrats who read these comments are horrified that some people believe what is printed here, by an “OFF THE WALL” former president. He lost the election fair and square. He should be held accountable for Jan. 6, as it was his shouting that started it. As an aside, I know he has been comprimised by the soviets, and one day we will find out,


You know it. Or we will find our abour it one day? Which is it. Here is a clue you may have overlooked. 133 million registered voters in the USA. Biden supposedly got 81 million. Trump 74 million. Add em bright boy.

Drink Clorox

Prove it. If you got no proof, it’s bullshit.

John Leroy Smith

The audits will prove it.


Held accountable for skateboarders who, oops, forgot to bring guns to an insurrection, so they left the building and went home. No victory, yet no surrender. Terrorists usually bring heavy artillery for an insurrection. No gunz-a-blazing on Jan 6. Zip ties and bear spray aren’t your average terrorist weapon of choice.

Mike Hunt

Mommy made them leave their sex toys, I mean guns home or no dinner when they returned. Now 600 of them are eating Nutraloaf while getting “protein” shots in the rear! People are saying they are planning a second failure on 9/18 so the FBI can round up the rest of the traitors! Between prison & COVID19 the “HATRIOT” turnout should be reduced a great deal! Many Are Getting Arrested

Patriot for TRUMP

Same goes for you Pete lying. If you don’t support Trump, then move on troll!


Wow, Talk about being indoctrinated by CNN…

Drink Clorox

Almost as bad as being indoctrinated by OAN.

  • Overall, we rate One America News Questionable based on far-right bias, lack of sourcing, promotion of conspiracy theories, and propaganda, as well as numerous failed fact checks. OAN is not a credible news source.

Detailed ReportQuestionable Reasoning: Poor Sourcing, Conspiracy Theories, Propaganda, Numerous Failed Fact Checks
Bias Rating: FAR RIGHT
Factual Reporting: LOW
Country: USA (44/180 Press Freedom)
Media Type: TV Station
Traffic/Popularity: High Traffic
MBFC Credibility Rating: LOW CREDIBILITY

John Leroy Smith

If it was so “fair and square” why are ya’ll fighting tooth and nail to stop U.S. from auditing?

Mike Hunt

Sounds like Patsies for Trump needs a safe space, all these Democracy supporting trolls are making hims uncomfortable!

John Leroy Smith

We live in a constitutional republic.

Drink Clorox

I care about what he thinks. Stop trying to ‘cancel’ him and only hear people who agree with you. True American speaks truth and wisdom. Something you and this forum need more of.


Trump won. Or should I say Trump got more votes.

Mike Hunt

Doesn’t matter – both are incorrect!


Yawn, your repetitive and boring – both are correct!

Drink Clorox

Since you can’t prove it, you are wrong and Mike is right.
Sorry, THuck. That’s the way our American constitution and legal system work. Saying it doesn’t make it so.

Drink Clorox

You got no proof. Thus, what you’re saying is bullshit.
Sorry, Uncle John. That’s the way or legal system works.
Trump doesn’t get to determine what the truth is. The courts do.
And the courts say Biden won and Trump lost.
I rest my case.


Courts never claimed Biden won. Clearly you don’t pay attention, and only listen to information that’s spoon-fed to you.


cluster #$@ describes it better


Hey “True Simpleton” your inablity to follow a logical path is painfully obvious.
Keep embarrassing yourself.

Drink Clorox

So how much money have you donated to Trump, Lance?
Ever heard the saying “A fool and his money are soon parted”?



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