ICYMI – October 12

“Trump to Newsmax: ‘Terrible’ Job by Biden Cause for Low Polls”
Read the full article by Nick Koutsobinas with Newsmax here.

“Iowa’s Grassley lines up with Trump as Senate’s most senior Republican runs for reelection”
Read the full article by Paul Steinhauser with Fox News here.

“Rasmussen Poll: 56 Percent Believe Cheating Tainted Biden’s 2020 Victory”
Read the full article by Charlie McCarthy with Newsmax here.

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No one walks into a car lot and ask to buy and biggest piece of shit on the lot. No one votes for Joe Blow Hole Biden. Losers put the moron in office and losers will pay the price.


I’m wondering where the Biden trollers are on this post, seeing as that last article shows they are actually in the minority if they don’t believe election fraud happened. No comments?🤨


The censors on here don’t allow most anti trump comments. Half of mine aren’t posted. Trump is always preaching free speech. I guess as long as it’s not criticism.

Diana L Rendon

TROLL – Thanks for raising your hand once the roll call for trolls was sent out.


FOX NEWS (Hemmer and Perino) are pandering to the youth (low wage slave).
In other words; goods and services are hurting at a low level and this hurts the folks high up the chain.  
There is no shortage of truckers. People are fighting back. Mandates, low wages, high cost of doing business and so many other assaults.
True some are retiring as a way of fighting back (just like police) but this is playing into the corruption taking place by 1% ers (The Corp. World) – just like Fox.
 Fox is helping themselves by helping those that pay them (Corp. World) Fox is a tool for the 1%ers. When paid to play by the Corp. Machine they (Fox) play at the stake of your wages. You the wage earner and America as a whole is/are under attack in the name of more money for the few.
We (America) gain in population and we lose more and more jobs. These are jobs the wage earner can exist on (not live a good life on, but exist on). To make matters worse many illegal aliens take the tax dollars if not the job (or both) of those that are earning money in which they barely exist. Why? Why would they allow this to take place?  Illegal aliens are just another tool to control the masses (You); including the illegal aliens (themselves).
Recall the MA & PA FARMING BUSINESS decades ago being pushed out of business by CORPORATE FARMING.
FOX NEWS and others cater to the money – Corp. World.
Corp. World can’t get enough to fulfill all their dreams and fantasy; in which, like throughout all of history, they never succeed. Take Hitler for an example.
You also feed the Corp. World Machine when buying into their goods and services. Much of these goods and services do not sustain life; they sustain the control they have over you.  
Try to not buy something from China or an item that isn’t really a luxury item and not a simple sustain life item.  See AT&T which has its feet in both Democrat and Republican causes. Hard to boycott.
As gone the way of the Ma & Pa Farms – Same for the experienced Truckers and the same for YOU the individual. High paid truckers that are Independent Truckers all are being pushed out for the low wage slaves (the youth of America that are desperate dreamy eyed and no not better). The many little trucking companies comply or die.  This means the small companies that want to survive do the bidding (become their tool) of the big Corp. World Giants.  
CONFORM or BE CAST OUT!  Question: IS THE TRUE RED, WHITE and BLUE AMERICA GO WEST YOUNG MAN SPIRIT dying? Do you conform or would you rather be cast out?
It all trickles down to YOU the lowly wage earner. Everyone is dumping on you or stepping on you to gain more money and if you do survive and earn some money they are sucking off of your income like a leach in a dying swamp.
Elders teach the youth of America. Wake them up! The youth of America are walking zombies when they make the decision to ignore what they don’t like – accurate current events be it local, National or worldwide.
NOTE; key word “Accurate.” Don’t fall victim to being brainwashed by the many talking heads everywhere – via your cell phone podcast, tv or radio. Word of mouth and your own eyes to back it up is best.
How are the Independent Truckers pushed out via high (intentional) cost of insurance etc. Any of the many “tools” they have to be used to control the masses is used. 
OVERALL:  Many career fields are being displaced or replaced be it low wage workers themselves or technologies (self driving trucks).  
More and more people and less and less jobs. NOTE: JOBS that give way to a meaningful LIFE and not drudgery. 
All in the name of making money by the 1%.  
The solution to the problem of what to do with the jobless workers – Forced Control over the masses.by any means. Say intentional epidemics etc. 
This means entertaining the lowly worker class with socialism. Redirect their attention on their next meal and not on solving their problems which are being forced and controlled by the 1% ers.
Never forget; like life in the oceans, nearly all marine life relies on zooplankton in its diet, on some level or another.  Zooplankton is a small creature and there are many; yet most all life depends on them.
The irony is the things people (Corp. World) kills the zooplankton. It is like shooting yourself in the foot before you need to run from a bear?
You are the zooplankton. You hold the power. Use it!  
Stay in the know. Never give in and never give up. Living is fighting and fighting to live is worth the fight. Be part of it all. Better yourself and your neighbor. 
Above all stay free. 

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