ICYMI – October 11

“Trump to Taliban: ‘We Want Our Equipment Back'”
Read the full article by Eric Mack with Newsmax here.

“Flipping for Trump”
Read the full article by Lachlan Markay with Axios here.

“Whistleblower former top Capitol Police cop slams two senior officers for ‘blankly staring at TV screens and doing nothing’ during January 6…”
Read the full article by Christina Coulter with the Daily Mail here.

“Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake discusses the future of elections in the state”
Watch the full Oan interview with Christina Bobb here.

“AZ State Rep. Mark Finchem Speaks At Trump Rally In Des Moines: “34,000 Or 35,000 Fictitious Voters–We Believe We Found Them.””
Read the full article by Jordan Conradson with the Gateway Pundit here.

“Trump May Run in 2024. So Might They. It’s Getting Awkward.”
Read the full article by Jeremy Peters with the New York Times here.

“Border left ‘wide open’ after red states pull National Guard and police”
Read the full article by Anna Giaritelli with the Washington Examiner here.

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Cute way of editing “the steal” by Rasmussen Poll “56 Percent Believe Cheating Tainted Biden’s 2020 Victory”


Here’s the deal; I don’t kiss no one’s ass. I am and always have been a DJT supporter simply because the guy is a quality human. I believe DJT feels the same about others regardless of their career, skin color, etc.

If you support the democrats you have a serious mental issue. There is no reason not to support the best people and at this time in history it is DJT and most Americans.

Folks know that the minority are the scumbag democrats who want to change America for the worse if you are not a 1%’er and in their “click.”

If you want a taste of what’s to come, go to Afghanistan and live there for a while. I kid you not! This is where these people want to take America.

If you have ignored current events and for some reason have not taken notice, you are very slowly being choked to death. This means the democrats (tools for 1%’ers) need to get you to comply or be cast out.

Mandates, Ships, trucks and shipping containers stalled, empty store shelves, gas price high, food prices high, gov. hand-outs, telling to get to work and yet mandate you out of a job. Manipulated news stories. All this is to get you to break down and give in to the way of the democrats.

If they get their way with this fake infrastructure bill it will be far worse.

Johnny Appleseed

Thank you for showing us where to find the news instead of propaganda!!!!


It is already being tested…genetic scanners at Israel Airport:

watch this talking about it too in colorado:

you are being turned into a micro chip woth the current vax. Does Trump know abput this?


Rock N Roll President Trump!

My Man Trump

Mr. President, you are the man! Look at you directing traffic everywhere. It comes so easy to you. You are a natural leader. Please, please you are so needed right now. Before it’s too late. I mean, you clearly see it. They have played into your hands, it’s now time to take them out.


Protesters in Rome chanting “Let’s GO Brandon” while marching in front of the U.S. Embassy. “WARNING” this contains vulgarity directed at the current Fraud in Chief, so it is not recommended for those with sensitive ears or beliefs.


barbara white

I’m ready for the storm. It’s sure a slow moving one. BRING ON THE RAIN!!!!!


Bus them ALL to Delaware.


Let it burn down.


Glad to see the links let’s see how many repost on Gab this Gets thinking loads of em.
Thank you for caring so much as you do President Donald J Trump & your family

constance cook


We need YOUR help

Assist us in spreading the word of the 45th president!