ICYMI – October 18

“If Polls Are Right, Dems Are Doomed. If They’re Wrong, It’s Worse”
Read the full article by A.B. Stoddard with Real Clear Politics here

“Why didn’t the Abraham Accords win the Nobel Peace Prize?”
Read the full article by Jackson Richman with the Washington Examiner here

“Crisis at the Southern border by-the-numbers”
Read the full article by Joe Dwinell with the Boston Herald here

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Cheryl Lueddeke

We hold the numbers it’s time. The People have had enough of this enemy regime THEY WERE NOT ELECTED THEY WERE INSTALLED AND ITS AT A RAGING AND DANGEROUS BOILING POINT NOW….IT MUST BE STOPPED

My Man Trump

God help us all. Also, I still want to know how we are going to stop the steal in 2022 and beyond. If we do not do something this will be another replay of 2020. And the Abraham Accords was brilliant and frankly unbelievable that President Trump pulled it off but he did. And of course the radicals have their grubby little hands in everything, so of course Trump was never going to win. The border is so egregious and despicable I can’t even comment on it it is so terrible. It is like a five year old is in charge of our country. These things, and everything else just cannot stand. Something must be done. NOW. We are losing our country. Fox News said last night that there are 1.5million aliens in our interior. They were brought in by plane in the dark of night into New York. They boarded other planes and were moved everywhere. Not only is this criminal but we are paying for it. In a lot more ways than just money. Our country and our way of life is now gone forever. I don’t think that even Trump can clean up this mess. The china virus deaths have exceeded 2020 under Branden. Forty percent of the deaths are the vaxed. We have Bidens border super spreader to thank for that….We just keep paying and paying. We need help. Where is our legitimate President?
Again, God help us all.


I agree with all of the above except the insult to five year olds lol…

Save Our United States

“If Polls Are Right, Dems Are Doomed. If They’re Wrong, It’s Worse”

The Dems nudge the system incrementally so they don’t care; otherwise, they would not knowingly put themselves in a position to lose. One way they empower themselves is by creating government dependency… a little at a time. Remember, the ends justify the means for the Dems.

Example: The Dems turned off the energy spigot 9 months ago and now Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer is revealing plans for the federal government to help New York families and residents pay for heat.


When you met with Kim Jong Un, the leader (I use that term lightly) of North Korea, I thought and said – this President deserves the Nobel peace prize. No one else bothered to talk with that crazy man. But you did. And you were very stern regarding “testing of missiles”. And things were calm.
Unfortunately , not anymore. Thanks Dems!
And then you signed a Middle East peace agreement. Totally historic! And very good news for MANY.
Again, I was like “This dude seriously deserves the Nobel Peace Prize” . You’ve leaped miles where others wouldn’t even walk.
im glad you aren’t a politician. I’m glad your a regular citizen with the strength, fortitude, support and intelligence to take such leaps. I’m just so sorry you aren’t being legitimately recognized on the world stage for your hard work.
Patriots know the truth! God Bless you President Trump!


The Nobel Peace Prize now means zero, nothing, just like the United Nations Organisation.

Firstly, the award to Barack Obama for no efforts, which makes racial reasons highly likely.

Secondly, the refusal to award, let alone acknowledge the huge, unprecedented unifying peace work in the Middle East, culminating in,
The Abraham Accord: A President Donald J Trump initiative.


If this is what they call “Build Back Better”. We’re in a lot of trouble!


it really means we own you america you have been had.

Angela Partin

Dems have and will always cheat. Many people don’t want peace or to recognize good things. Our border towns need to deputize citizens and ask for volunteer help to finish the wall!


Notice President Trump didn‘t issue a Colin Powell statement. He knows the heathen was a 9/11 co-conspirator amongst other treasonous acts. He won’t be resting in peace.



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