ICYMI – October 25

“New Immigration Numbers Prove Biden Border Crisis Is Worst in History”

“No surprise!” – Donald J. Trump

Read the full article by Tristan Justice with the Federalist here.

“Newt Gingrich Interviews Mollie Hemingway on the Rigged Election”

“Mollie Hemingway, in her newly released bestselling book, Rigged, lays out a very clear case for the very rigged and corrupt Presidential Election.” – Donald J. Trump

“GOP pollster predicts Trump would beat Biden or Harris in a ‘landslide right now’”
Read the full article by Mark Moore with the New York Post here.

“Biden has no answers to the nation’s problems except for empty promises”
Read the full article by the New York Post here.

“Trump: US being ‘poisoned’ by illegal immigrants crossing the border”
Read the full article by Mark Moore with the New York Post here.

“Explosive Revelations in Wisconsin’s 2020 Election Audit Report”

“…And this is just the beginning—other Swing States are even (far) worse!” – Donald J. Trump

Read the full article by Bill Osmulski with the MacIver Institute here.

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It’s right on target for the great reset of America started on Nov 3, 2020.
“They” will eat America from within, she is at war now, treason of her sovereignty will be her destruction.
Human trafficking walking the streets of California like a third world country, men with children for sale!
Filthy SF conditions, poop streets.
Paper money being phased out, card only
Smash n grab no consequences

Vaccine and mask mandates
Parents of students deemed terrorists
School kids must be vaxed and masked
LEO, 911, nurses, care providers, FIRED!
Income, house, cars, food Gone!
Medical insurance forced to pay, no care
Taxes for everything! More taxes!
We are living in socialism now!

My Man Trump

Gee Mr. President, how many times do you have to beat Biden/Harris in a landslide. You already did it.

Nicola Spagnolo Jr.

We need a full 159 County audit of the election in Georgia!!! These election frauds must STOP!


lawless ones running the country now.



My Man Trump

Am I missing something about the border or is it completely unconstitutional and criminal what this regime is doing. And why isn’t Brandon impeached. The whole country is watching it. What more proof do you need. IMPEACH the bastard. Not even the moderate democrats like what is going on. Pelosi is a lame duck and 14 dems are leaving in 2022. Come on GOP. Round them up and do it. This gives them something to do that is worthwhile and actually serving their constituents. They can go out with a bang and finally make their people proud. Or has everybody lost all sense of justice.


Not only was the election rigged so is the fake news media. They alllll know exactly what else was exposed about the deep state swamp but none of them will acknowledge it. Not One!

Save Our United States

“Trump: US being ‘poisoned’ by illegal immigrants crossing the border”

How President Eisenhower Dealt With America’s First Illegal Immigrant Crisis

Johnny Appleseed

Bite me is no Ike.

Save Our United States

But President Trump is and more…

Johnny Appleseed


The other side is about to start employing the most nefarious creature they have at their disposal: The Facsimile Beast.

It is a person that is at first glance their opponent. They look and sound like our side. They are not the Crap Stir Beasts of the capital.

The Facsimile Beast looks like a God fearing conservative, sounds like a God fearing conservative, smells like a constitutional abiding individual but they are not.

They are there with other intentions. They are there to “smooth things over” with “rational” thought. Their soul purpose is to quell individual independent thinking. They are more than thought police, they are thought firemen. They put out any fire that may be smoldering which may keep the revolution going.

We have hit the cross roads of

1) we know they screwed over our country and continue fighting…


1) politics as usual it happens all the time.

Far too often we slip into the second one…

When the first one is what God is trying to show us.




The land of the free has fallen…. North America has been taken over by the same people that our forefathers fled from, to start a new free life. Now where can we go on the planet to be free? God bless the people that do not see this evil and forgive them for they are pawns of satan under greed and fear….two of satans most powerful weapons against humanity. God Bless humanity! Many more people will die due to not having faith…. God please forgive those that tresspassed against us.

Michael Jenson

why are the Republicans letting the destruction of our Country, they are aiding in there own demise. In the words of Fred Sanford (you big dummy’s)…..

Save Our United States

Just a guess but I suspect that the Republicans that talk a lot may be in danger of being replaced by Republicans that do a lot.

Milo Manx

Jeopardy Answer: A Biden voter. Question: What group of Americans have deep regret?


““I have created the blacksmith who fans the coals beneath the forge and makes the weapons of destruction. And I have created the armies that destroy. But in that coming day no weapon turned against you will succeed. You will silence every voice raised up to accuse you. These benefits are enjoyed by the servants of the Lord; their vindication will come from me. I, the Lord, have spoken!”
‭‭Isaiah‬ ‭54:16-17‬ ‭

Cary Miller

Taking down Pure Evil is not an easy task but in the name of Jesus Christ, this shall happen! God Bless you ALL!


When does the 1st domino fall(AZ 2020 Decertification)????

Glory to Supreme Leader

All set for 2/29/2022 FloRo!



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