ICYMI – October 6

“John Kerry: Biden ‘literally, literally’ had no clue about nuclear deal”
Read the full article by Becket Adams with the Washington Examiner here

“CNN spent nearly 80% of September under 1 million viewers”
Read the full article by Joseph Wulfsohn with Fox News here

“New low for CNN’s ‘New Day’ as morning show continues to struggle”
Read the full article by Brian Flood with Fox News here

“Youngkin calls for audit of voting machines in Virginia”
Read the full article by Julia Manchester with the Hill here.

“Americans Give President Biden Lowest Marks Across The Board, Quinnipiac University National Poll Finds”
Read the Quinnipiac poll here.

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My Man Trump

Biden who? Oh the white house puppet that the fake news deploys when they want to feel relevant. Too bad they are drowning. That’s what happens when you ride on the shirttails of losers.


Good, Virginia is doing an election audit!


This is cnn…fake news


Bad news: Usurper Biden is still running US military!

Jonathan C. Beasley

Remember when the majority of elected officials, police, teachers and even the USPS respected the US Constitution and the LAWS of America? How about the general comprehension of a nations sovereignty, language, borders & culture? And my favorite pastime, ACCOUNTABILITY for crimes against the AMERICAN CITIZENS!


Don’t worry, D. Trump will be held accountable in the very near future.


You may be right about that this time around !

Johnny Appleseed

Hmmmm…. Really??


My Man Trump

I know. I can’t wait to have qualified grown ups back in the white house.

Johnny Appleseed

Did you know:

People are flawed.

Did you know God made them that way?

Did you know God made a seven year forgiveness rule just because of that??

What happens when people dig past seven years to smear someone???

Is it Godly??? Is it proper??? Is it classy???

Or is it wrong in the name of God??

When the seven year forgiveness comes… and forgiveness given…

There are a few things about getting the seven year forgiveness… for seven years you have to be doing the right thing… and be upright in your dealings.

Is it a okay to bring it up from the past???

Good people know these rules.

But, unsavory backstabbers will dig up every speck of dust on you….

Just like they did to President Trump and anyone associated with him.

When they unlock your doors…

What should happen to theirs???

What did God do when someone was forgiven and then they refused to forgive the other person???

What did God do when one person begged his forgiveness and put on his robs and the other “God fearing” person smeared him and cheated him because of it???

Techies don’t believe in God… and they believe God gave them the ability to deceive…. It’s coming very soon you will know him by name.

It’s not going to be pretty faux pas.

It’s not going to be pretty for any of you.


TRUMP 2020!!!

FIX 2020!!!!

Last edited 1 year ago by Johnny Appleseed

John Kerry should be jailed Logan act for speaking Nuclear deals Iran during Trumps administration. Kerry is a low life !


John Kerry should be SHOT for Treason like FAKE generals Milley and Austin!


Remember when Obama used to claim he didn’t know about stuff his administration did and that he found out from the newspaper? Either Kerry is lying or he isn’t–either way, it’s disturbing.


For God’s glory I pray that all evil heart people change their hearts. I pray the they LSM all just start telling the truth yesterday.


The fake news still hasn’t exposed Nancy Pelosi in the underground rooms or the flight log list.They still haven’t exposed their crimes and I’m tired of it all. I’m not even looking forward to my Birthday this year at all. My original face book account was deactivated for exposing the truth and I lost many friends and family. Before they deactivated my account I was restricted every other month. What an unfair thing to do to a disabled shut in who’s family lives two thousand miles away. I couldn’t even reach out in messenger,I was attacked in there too. I am tired of the circus show and I am hurt beyond belief. Who knew exposing the truth would have me persecuted and mocked every day. Never have I seen such lack of empathy for a disabled american who loves her country. It is about our children in the end and I pray justice prevails. I didn’t profit for exposing the truth or get any fame for doing it. All I got was mocked and viciously attacked each and every day by vicious people I dont even know. The truth still hasn’t been acknowledged or exposed on the fake news. None of them want to acknowledge someone who isn’t a celebrity or public figure and exposed the truth for free. I’ve lost faith in humanity and the election process, that is about it. This was the first time voting in my entire life and that was ruined too. I wheeled through pothole ridden streets and uphill on cracked sidewalks in my wheelchair to cast my very first vote in person. Greeted by filthy face mask wearing sheeple right here in NY state. Please Make America Great Again President Donald J Trump. My Birthday is on Columbus day this year. A day to celebrate the discovery of America and the last year in my 50’s. I am not even looking forward to my birthday this year.Telling the truth has ruined my life. not one person cares about my story or the truth.


Happy Birthday Diane!
Fakebook can go to HELL!


I’m so sorry this happened to you, Diane…that really stinks. One of the many reasons I want nothing to do with social media (commenting on this site is my first time doing anything like this)! But for those living far from loved ones I can see how important it is, and it’s cruel that it was taken from you. I care about your story and the truth, and so would any true patriot…you’re not alone in your pain and frustration. One thing you can feel good about–you did the right thing. You voted. Even if it was stolen from you, know that you did your part, and that’s the important thing. Keep doing it. Nice to know you’re a fellow New Yorker (misery loves company). I feel for you on the birthday thing…my birthday is in early November, so imagine what it was like last year! I was so upset about the election I didn’t even get upset about hitting 30 lol! Happy early birthday–I hope your day turns out to be lovely. Hugs! 🙂


God Bless you dear woman, and we all pray a Happy Birthday to you. Unfortunately this is what the extremists on the left now do.. These are the so called educated that would ridicule and demean you till your death if not celebrate contributing to it. Some believe we should be nice to them or even try to win them over. They will not be won over, you will concede to their ideology of they will destroy you. The media and social media is controlled by them and are not interested in the truth or exposing their own, so there is no hope from the likes of them. If you try you may be allowed back on facebook, use it for family and forego any folly of exposing the truth they will continue to bury and only punish you for.

Nicola Spagnolo Jr.

CNN, and MSNBC would be wonderful if the both of them would “go broke” or better yet, get “Nick Sandmann’ed” out of business. Worthless bunch of hacks.


Great News!

Eddy Leger

DDA “Defund Democrat Act” over they’re ties to slavery….”If they could, They would”…do it to you…..what would be their defense.???????

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