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Mike Lindel has offered $7 million to anyone who can prove his evidence the election was not stolen FRAUD. I’ll chip in $250,000.00
That’s $7,250,000.00
Let’s make this a thread itself.
It’s like this.
Fix it or we all die.
Not just communism.
Democrats were taken over by the Nazi party because the democrat KKK ideology is exactly what the Nazi party desires.
On another note: if the democrat KKK Nazi party achieves removing the right, all colored people are targets for extermination.
We will be dead so DemonKKKrats can’t call us for help.
Read the KKK Nazi plans. I have.
They infiltrated.
Getting a democrat to research is like talking to a turd


I wrote to Mike Lindell. I told him we have everything. Nothing is going to stop what is coming. The swamp all got caught! I exposed Nancy Pelosi in the underground rooms caught on security camera ch11 of Epstein island. I exposed the flight log list and their dirty secret drug andrenochrome exported from China. I exposed everything all over facebook and my account was deactivated. Nothing is going to stop what is coming. in the end God Wins!! #MAGA


Supreme Court us being threatened by the CIA.
I’d bet $100,000 on it.
Give them lie detection test.
Prove me wrong.


Terrorist will attack the USA through the southern border and it will be the democrats fault 100%
Someone should start a class action suit and press charges against all democrats for criminal endangerment and TREASON. All of them. Even family. Deport them all to Iran via parachute wrapped in rainbow underwear and useless masks against a fake virus. 😁

Tim Tates

Another great patriot cartoonist is Ben Garrison!




milley is a traitor to America as is biden, pelosi, schumerharris they hate our country and i hate what they are trying to do to our country fight America.

Tim Tates

I think the traitor General Milley was wide awake when he armed the Muslim terrorist and helped the communist Chinese! The terrorist and the communist could not have asked for better agents than Milley, Pelosi, and the fraudulent Biden Administration!


He’s tired from having to babysit trump for 2 1/2 months after the most secure election in history.


Hey Prize, you sound like a rocket scientist! Perhaps get out of your parents basement and get to work.

Tim Tates

You can be a useful idiot for the Democrats all you want, but everyone knows this was a proven Democrat rigged election! I think they ought to polygraph Nancy Pelosi to find out how much she was involved in the coup attempt with the scumbag-woke traitor Milley on the 46th President-Elect Donald Trump!


What a douchebag…

Tim Tates

You are a perfect example of what the Marxist Democrats call a useful idiot! Even the Democrats know this was a rigged election that’s why they are fighting so hard to stop any audit! I would love to see an investigation of Pelosi’s involvement in the coup with the traitor Milley on the 46th President-Elect Donald Trump!


You’re an idiot. Trump won 50 States. Audit will prove. I’ll bet ya $250,000 but only an audit could prove it so I could get your mom’s lunch money from you skeleton armed Smurf


How this buffoon hasn’t been stripped of his command is beyond me. His arrogant incompetence is maddening.






Doesn’t voicing all these anti-WOKE sentiments imply being racist ?

Mitchy D

I will very difficult to convince, that the “mistakes” of the withdrawal were not intentional to improve China’s strategic position.


100% Correct! China rigged the dominion voting machines for Taliban Joe!


That’s about right. You have to be careful about that “smoke”.

Susan Knittel

Spot on, as usual!


Great Cartoon President Trump!
Sad but TRUE!


They are not awake or asleep. They need to be fired.


Shot or Death by Hanging more like it!



Cary Miller

What a disgrace he turned out to be!

Sunday Funnies

Branco political cartoons are DA BOMB!

Michael Jenson

One things for sure, Hunter biden didn’t do this its above his talent scale. I didn’t say him and milley didn’t have some parmesam cheese on there woke pizza, cut it up in sixteen pieces, and they both did a teener. such smart and woke guys the build back china better. taliban too, hooty hoo.

Suzanne Robert

He may think he’s woke but he’s really a joke and not a funny one!


Very astute Suzanne! You have summed up the whole ‘woke’ movement. Bravo!

Spread the word of the 45th President!

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