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Mark Rakow

What else would you expect from 600 Republican primary voters?

My Man Trump

Hell yea!!! The people love President Trump! All the pathetic commies, not just FJB, are absolutely hated by the American people. Keep in mind, commies, if a Dem wins an election (other than Manchin) that is proof positive that you are continuing the steal. NOBODY wants you. Even the millennials eyes are open. Let’s all wave bye-bye to Joey.


600 GOP Primary voters ?
There’s a good reason there’s “laugh” in McLAUGHlin… that’s funny !


So, this was a poll of 600 Florida GOP voters and you think this is representative of the whole USA? Turkeys voting for Christmas…


They asked 600 GOP voters if Trump was better than Biden and the answered yes?

WOW color me Shocked

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Anybody still think the Resident in Chief got 81 million votes?

Shelley Strachan

HAHAHA, great joke. Joey Biden is on his way out, having never been the legit President. Our beloved Donald Trump is very much in charge and so he should be, as he is the complete opposite to Joey boy and he is so loved and respected by the people for good reason, serving his people from the heart.


600 GOP voters! Maybe try again with equal amounts of Democrats and Republicans.


If I were Mr TRUMP I wouldn’t show those graphs. 8% disapproval for Mr TRUMP is significant considering it’s all GOP voters. Also since it’s 19% only “somewhat” approve of Mr TRUMP it would seem his voter support is eroding.


The United States Hates the Commie-Liberals!
The Only way the Commie-Liberals can win is by RIGGING the elections like they did when President Trump was Re-Elected on a Landslide!
The Charts Speak For Themselves!

Michael Jenson

follow the science.


America is Trump country…stolen elections have devastating consequences!!

Kreg Vergith

These charts say it all, but the Far Left still don’t get it.

Oh, wait… it’s racist!

That’s gotta be it.


What does the chart say? They polled 600 Florida GOP primary voters. What would you it expect it to say. It’s a ridiculous to even publish something like that.

Kreg Vergith

How large a statistical base would you prefer, Doc?


It’s only 600 GOP Floridians!!!! Read the fine print!!!

Last edited 1 year ago by Glenn
Craig Barrett

That is in alignment with the actual 2020 vote was and everyone knows it, where the hell are the real generals



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