ICYMI: President Donald J. Trump on the Hugh Hewitt show.

Listen here to the 45th President Donald J. Trump on the Hugh Hewitt show.


From hughhewitt.com

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Tim Tates

Hewitt likes Liz Chaney, constantly interrupted Trump, and peed in his pants every time the rigged election was mentioned! Sounds like he likes to swim around in the SWAMP!

Tim Tates

Donald Trump is the 46th President! Get your facts right!

Imma Doomas

Oh Timmy! Even if Traitor Tot Trump were POTUS again (maybe of his cellblock) he would still be the 45th one. It just doesn’t work that way silly!

Tim Tates

This was an illegal coup of the take over of our government during the last elections! The fraudulent President Biden, his Administration, and some Generals should be arrested for giving aid and comfort to our enemies, breaking immigration laws, and putting Americans at risk by sending Chinese Virus-infected criminal illegals all over our country!


Hugh Hewitt, if you like Liz Cheney, you’re off your rocker too. Use Critical thinking, research, and discernment. All Around Crook Politician. Evil Lady, AND Election Audit Traitor.


Fakes like Liz are worse that honest crooks like Nancy! At least they let you know that they’re lefties!


I saw a real picture of Afghans packed into a cargo plane. All young & middle aged men. Maybe 2% women & children. Disgusting. They are Male Cowards to Leave, instead of their Women & Children. Likely, Male Taliban Soldiers, and/or for sure, Men who don’t Honor Women & children, their most vulnerable.


Not really. Those were the exported terrorists that Obumya arranged.


great show.. thanks

Eira Kjear

Donald Trump and @mikepompeo

You said ON VIDEO that you destroyed “100%” of ISIS.

Maybe my math is off. But if you destroyed 100% of ISIS what percentage killed 12 American soldiers today in Kabul? OR was it the thousands of talibans you let out of prison??


No I think it was the ones let out of the air base. Due to Biden. Keep trying to blame Trump who is working with Taliban providing security near and around airport. Not working very well. Keep in mind who is in office right now? Hint Biden!

When do you think it will be time for Biden to accept what he is doing. 7mos ? 8mos?


Kevin some are really being hard on your punctuation. You should’ve put a period after Trump and started a new sentence with Who and they may have understood your a Trump supporter. A bit picky in my mind, as I could tell what you meant.


you are correct 🙂


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