ICYMI: President Donald J. Trump on The Rick & Bubba Show.

Watch here the full interview of 45th President Donald J. Trump on The Rick & Bubba Show.

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Please get this 8 minute video to President Trump!! PLEASE SAVE AMERICA!!
Dr. Robert Malone: The Narrative Is Crumbling! Something Bad & Big Is Going On! – Must Video


It is indeed extremely important to know the details of these COVID injections. And for those of you who want to learn about them, the information is abundant. I would start with a seach for input from Dr. Robert Malone, the inventor of the mRNA. He has some excellent videos out.
God bless you all, God bless President Trump, and God bless this great land of AMERICA ! 🇺🇸♥️

American Patriot

I love you Trump, I voted for you, I will vote for you again but you stop talking about Warp Speed. When the black body bags pile up they will blame you for this. They will call it the Trump Vaccine. WAKEUP please. Talk to a virologist like Nobel Prize winners like Dr. Luc Montagnier who are saying STOP the shots they are creating variants. Talk to the creator of the MRNA technology Dr. Robert Malone saying STOP the shots. Talk to Dr. Judy Mikovitz and the thousands of others sayting STOP THE SHOTS. PLEASE

Julie Tolleson

Please Mr. President. The post I am replying to is CORRECT! Please STOP pushing the vaccine. Many patriots out here do not understand why you keep doing this. Yes, you did push for a quick vaccine and you got it; but REMEMBER….BIG PHARMA are NOT on your side! Gates, Falsi and others are pushing population control. They fund BIG PHARMA to an extent. You have NO IDEA what they actually did with these vaccines, but we are seeing the horrible effects it is having on people. Those who received it, are catching the variant with a more harmful effect. Remember, they waited until after the fraud election, to announce the vaccines. This continuous push from you to tout it and encourage people to get it, will hurt you in the end. Plus the fact that fetal tissue is in them, makes it a horrendous thing to consider putting into our bodies. PLEASE call DR MALONE, who is the founder of mRNA! He has said that his finding was NEVER meant to be used in this way!! He is imploring that the vaccines be STOPPED immediately. Please get him to you in a meeting situation, so that you are more prepared to change your thoughts on this, based on his scientific reasoning. You will be more informed and can then come out against them with credibility, based on scientific facts from the man who invented the mRNA. (Steve Bannon has had Dr. Malone on his show Warroom several times)

its me

President Trump, Sir, please it’s urgent! Please read this letter from one of the prisoners in DC, OUT LOUD at your rally in Alabama for the whole world to hear PLEASE Sir, please?


Cary Miller

Mr. President, thank you for your service. But we understand that you are not Finished, and we cannot wait for you to be the “recognized” leader of this great Nation and indeed, “The World”. This “Movie” is like a crawl through the “Twilight Zone”. Freaks and Geeks everywhere, and the (SHEEPLE)? Some of these Sheeple you can’t wake up with a ‘2×4’, it’s UNREAL how these Sheeple seem to, “Literally” be under control with the reality switch thrown OFF!

Please?! Come back soon Mr. President. Your leadership and intelligence, along with the great freedom loving PATRIOTS that are with you, must be recognized once again as, the only administration that has the Will and the HEART, to truly “Make America Great Again”! Mr. President, God Bless you and your “Army of PATRIOTS”, and Godspeed! ❤🙏✝️🇺🇸

All of my Love and Prayers for God and Country.

American Patriot

I agree with everything you said. How do you really feel about his Operation Warp Speed though & continous push for the V’s?

Julie Tolleson

I do not agree and I believe DJT is making a huge mistake in pushing for these and touting them as a success. DR MALONE…..can explain all. He must have a meeting with this DR.

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