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The DEMS will consider any actions by patriots insurrection
now!..It’s how the demonize their opposition..Look what they’re
doing to DeSantis now ,a series of planned attacks very like
what they have done to President Trump….People it’s time
to demand voting change ,investigations and transparency.
before it’s too late….STAND AND FIGHT.

its me

Its mind numbing. I cannot believe what these people have done. God help them. all those beautiful girls and women who will be their sex slaves. God help us. And who saw the photo of all the Military dogs they left there too? all of the dogs dutifully waiting in their crates in one of our bases as their humans had to leave them behind to be slaughtered, hung, shot, starved..who knows what. I hate biden.


What vaccine would that be? Have you seen the reports? Show your pamphlet with ingredients.


President Trump speaks plain and clear.
with no filters and Not condescending.

Ralph G Lamy

That’s the whole point. Some consider it as rude and non-P.C. He speaks the truth.

Florida Robert

AZ decertification is now delayed to Sep 2nd. Ugh… Usurper Biden has destroyed the US military in 9 months, JUST IMAGINE what he (and the law firm that arrange the Steal, Perken Coie) will do on 18 months.

Ralph G Lamy

This will probably turn into a s**t show.


You’ve nailed it!! While we’re working to bring justice to the election crime, they’re killing us!!

We MUST get them out now, and make sure we lock the door on them!

YOUR Help is Needed

Only with YOUR help we can spread the word of the 45th President