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Ken K

The paper was designed to catch the democrats. Just so you all know. Ducey is a flat out Nazi. I wouldnt even use the term rhino. He’s Nazi. If you polygraph his ass he would #fail so hard it ain’t funny. Because its not funny. That mother fucker banned life saving ivermectum and hydroxycloriquine prescribed by doctors for corona virus and many OTHER VIRUS that’s been used for a century or more. In foreign countries they use it 100 times more because it’s cheap and 100% effective Ducey commited treason and genocide. When is the FUCKING LAW GOING TO BE UPHELD???
Reminds me of an illegal stealing my classic ranchero project. I found the mother fucker myself. Called the cops and said I found my stolen ranchero. Cop said it’s a civil matter and I’d have to take him to civil court.
This is why people snap.
That cop was wrong and a lazy bitch.

They lied about an insurrection.
If 125,000,000 pissed off Americans went nuts on these traitors there wouldn’t be any left to bitch. Not one.
When the democrats killed Lincoln his vice president went on a rampage and hung 1000s of traitors.
Now they’re purposely killing Republicans and military with injections because they’re FUCKING NAZI. Just like they do under their KKK hoods.
Google Prescott Bush.
GHWB introduces the NWO.
His son rams planes into buildings.
Clinton’s kill steal sell out the USA and pay no price? They killed kids at Waco. Sold secrets to China and Russia. Kilked Miramar for protecting Christians and 8ntroducing the dinar. Fuck we need gold currency. M9ney ain’t worth a fuck. Biden soldburanium and threatened Ukraine. Obama sends pallets of OUR FUCKING MONEY to Iran. (Treason).
Maybe Putin as the Bible says should layith the mighty smackdown on the swamp pedophile mongoloids.
Yeah they attack put In for building 30,000 Christian churches too.
Nobody knows that with CIA TV.
Now we know why they forced digital TV across the globe overnight.
So Bill coukd Jack off spying on kids through the CIA LED lenses.
JESUS come quick.
This planet needs a godsmack.
Nobody wants to live under tyranny.

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My Man Trump



740,000 ballots are illegal due to no chain of custody. ( just in these 3 counties!) THAT’S how much paper they had to shove in to catch up 8 empty circles biden to Trump, who had 70,000 people at his rallies and boat parades and car parades were popping up all over the country. no one believes biden actually won. NO ONE. period. not even hunter.


ALL of the people who are in lock step saying “you can’t remove Biden, even if he did cheat” are the very same people who salivated at every lying salacious fake news report for the entire 3 year long Meuller investigation. And if Meuller and his thugs had found one shred of evidence, no matter how small, that Trump had colluded with Russia, these very same people would’ve been in front of the White House with pitch forks demanding he be removed for cheating. Oh who am I kidding? They were there with their pitch forks the whole time anyway. They don’t care about truth.

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Rep. Mark Finchem has been on this since November 4th, he’s one tough honey badger!!


What does this mean? Will DJT be back in Office now? Will Biddn go to jail? What is next?

Mark Rakow

It means nothing. Trump will not be back in office. And Joe Biden will not go to jail.


It means Mark Rakow will be Deported to Russia!

My Man Trump

Really. For someone who fancy’s himself to be intelligent, you finally caved. You drank the Kool aid. Well, you have been heading that way for quite some time now. No one can stop what is going to happen.

Ken K

This would be funny if Trump put this as his header on this website LOL. But increased the amount to a BILLION.

Ken K

Still as of TODAY nobody has ever provided a REAL OBAMA BIRTH CERTIFICATE!!!
They still insist the FORGERY (Federal Crime) is what people are supposed to BELIEVE.
Thus proves the DEEPSTATE runs the JUSTICE SYSTEM.
If the court doesn’t look at these things,
that can only mean, our court at the highest level is being TOLD WHAT TO DO.
Question is,
Is our Supreme Court controlled by the NAZI PARTY?
Evidence points unequivocally to YES.
The people now believe our MEDIA our FBI our CIA our FDA our CDC our ATF our ENTIRE GOVERNMENT and a boatload of overran countries have been taken over by the NAZI PARTY.
There is no other explanation.
Israel, South America, Mexico, Iraq, Afghanistan are but a few.
One doesn’t collectively fight against the people on a worldwide scale doing and saying the same BULLSHIT.
That is the good part.

Last edited 1 year ago by Ken K
Mark Rakow

The US Supreme Court is not a court of “original jurisdiction” in electoral matters, because elections are conducted by the States. In other words, SCOTUS cannot legally hear cases regarding elections, unless or until they have been through state-level courts first. “We. the People” have no right to file suit in the US Supreme Court, no do we have any right to expect such suit to be heard or considered by SCOTUS.

That said, the 2000 Bush v Gore case was, in fact, heard by SCOTUS, because the Florida Supreme Court had various conflicts of interest, thus forcing a recusal from being the court of original jurisdiction. The next higher court, the US Court of Appeals, is precisely that – a court of appeals – and thus cannot be a court of original jurisdiction. Therefore, the case had to go to SCOTUS, and SCOTUS had to rule. However, it must be kept in mind that the ultimate ruling on that case – a 5-4 decision which effectively ended the Florida recount, handing the state’s 25 electoral votes to Bush and making him President – was a unique circumstance, and a one-time ruling. As such, part of the majority ruling included a statement that it was for “the present circumstances only,” in that the ruling could not be cited as precedent in any future case.

Many legal experts have opined that the addition of this statement in Bush v Gore, which had never been done before, was an egregious, gratuitous message of intent to preemptively hand the Presidency to the Republicans. It is my belief that the Court later realized the gravity of this error and the ramifications of the decision, and they’ve resolved not to do the same thing again – as well they should not.

Last edited 1 year ago by Mark Rakow

And WHY isnt Trump even mentioning this??


Nuremberg trials 2021 have begun!! Almost no one is covering this!!! A MUST SEE!!

Ken K

MORE Georgia Voter Fraud evidence. Here

Ken K

Soon as justice is served we will be free again!!!
The movie 2000 Mules tells me there is an ongoing sting operation to DRAIN THE SWAMP.
Note: The ballot paper is part of the sting. I know one of the people who make and distribute it. The CHINESE BALLOT PAPER is evidence of FRAUD.
Seems NOBODY took me up on my offer / bet, that HILLARY couldn’t pass a polygraph test on ELECTION FRAUD. $250,000.00

Mark Rakow

If what you’re saying is true, then the person you know who allegedly makes and distributes the paper is Chinese.

How very interesting.

My Man Trump

The stage has been set to expose election fraud. States are going to continue to decertify their election. Pieces of the plan are all coming together. Justice will be served and we are going to have our President back soon. This is just the beginning of the decertification’s.


Well he did get Mr TRUMP’s attention… that’s about as far as this is going…


This post deserves a “thumbs down”. There is no plan. The only thing D. Trump wanted, was to overturn a fair election result.

Mark Rakow

No State has decertified its election. No State is going to decertify its election. No State is authorized, neither by the US Constitution, nor its own Constitution, to decertify its election.

That is not going to happen, because such a remedy would effectively disenfranchise millions of voters, individuals who did nothing wrong. Trump is not going to be President again – not now, not soon, and not ever – as a result of anything related to the 2020 election. This fact is completely irrefutable. It’s simply not going to happen.


so tell me then, what was the Meuller investigation about? 3 years they drug Trump, his family and everyone who ever knew him through the mud and arrested people for what? if he had been found to have colluded with Russia, all of the people who currently say you cannot remove Biden for cheating in the election, would’ve called to remove Trump for cheating …and wanted it done with pitchforks.They don’t even try to investigate Biden, who’s crimes are clear. I guess you can’t drag somebody through the mud when they already dwell there.

My Man Trump

Just watch and learn Mark. And while you are at it, try to keep your mouth shut so you won’t look too ridiculous when it happens.

Bonnie Posner

Great Newa! Tried to share several times to FB, but your FB share button led to a graft that was another subject. Also, the “view here” led no where. Would like to share. Thank you!

Susan Cossett

Truth will finally be revealed!


We do realize, don’t we that even if those three counties ARE decertified, Trump still loses?

Mark Rakow

Finchem may be asking that they be decertified, but there is no mechanism in the state Constitution, nor any applicable State law, that would authorize such process.

He might as well ask for a resolution stating that the moon is made of cheese. A resolution saying so does not make it so.


Love you Finchem, you are a bad ass!


Let’s get this done!!

Mark Rakow

You may as well forget it. It’s not going to get done.


….but I will believe it when I see it. Democrats are the corrupt party, Republicans the stupid party.




Please sign and share this petition

Last edited 1 year ago by Pennie

I’ll get excited when I see it happen, because thus far the US communist party (aka Democrats) is much smarter than the GOP

Mark Rakow

It wouldn’t take much.

Don McKellar

One domino falls and the whole thing comes crashing down. That’s all it’s going to take to start a line of falling dominos.

Mark Rakow

States are not dominoes. What might happen in one does not necessarily mean it will happen in any other.

Gerald Warner

President Trump..traitor.pence is showing his true side and I hope he never gets a chance to be in the Whitehouse. There are many of us that will stand with you so choose wizely

Nicola Spagnolo Jr.

Outstanding! However, GEORGIA is a cesspool when it came to the 2020 election. Now that Arizona is complete… we need to get to Georgia.
I cannot stand Stacy Abrams. We the People need to be rid of this “woke” retard ASAP.



Anonymous for my safety.

The election fraudsters think they got away with the theft of the 2020 election. I think not.

Becky G

Wait for it….just wait..


Can someone please explain the bunnies to me?


Tell me about the rabbits, George.




Good job Arizona

Craig Barrett

5 states minimum need to be decertified, everyone and I mean everyone knows this was a FRAUDULENT ELECTION

My Man Trump

It will happen….One way or another!

Mark Rakow

However, ZERO states, maximum, will be decertified.

Kreg Vergith


There’s actually eight feet of snow in Scottsdale!!

Elizabeth Curtiss

Great news but the AG and Fann are fighting it. Guess they have been bought off like all the other politicians.

Anonymous for my safety.

George Soros is involved,big time.Soros bought SoS Katie Hobbs and MCSO sheriff Paul Penzone as well.It will all be exposed,and those involved will be removed from office and imprisoned after convictions.


Won’t happen soon enough to suit me.

Mark Rakow

You’re deluding yourself. It won’t happen at all.

My Man Trump

It is going to happen soon. All the commies have are empty words and lies. DJT outplayed them all.

Mark Rakow

You do realize, of course, that knowingly and falsely accusing someone of a crime is, ITSELF, a crime?

Apparently not, or you wouldn’t dare do so.


Why, you’re bought and paid for by him too, RIGHT?

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