ICYMI: “Report: Two Officers Among 45 Shot Since Saturday Night in Lori Lightfoot’s Chicago”

Read the full article for Breitbart by AWR Hawkins here

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Meegan Fixler

The Demonrats do not care about their cities or the people in them. PERIOD.

Mike Hunt

How about the 6 dead officers dead & 140 wounded by the MAGAT traitors in DC on the 6th of January? Trump has THEIR BLOOD plus the blood of 600K Americans on his little hands!

bob simpson

COVID from CHINA killed those 600+ and in other countries not to mention this:

Yes, Biden absolutely did oppose the China travel restrictions and call them ‘xenophobic’ | Washington Examiner


Democrats have framed the Capitol protests of January 6 as a “deadly insurrection” because they say 5 people died. We know that 3 of those deaths were from medical emergencies unrelated to rioting and didn’t occur in the Capitol Building. Capitol Police officer Brian Sicknick was said to have been beaten to death by protesters, but that has turned out to be a lie.

True Americana

Well, it’s a good thing Sicknick didn’t die due to being beaten by the insurrectionists on January 6th. I bet, had he lived, he would have appreciated that he was only beaten up until he had that heart attack. “Trump Supporters – Delivering Non Fatal Beatings Since January 6, 2021” should be on bumper stickers.


How many people have been beaten to death in crime ridden democrat-run major cities? Put that on your bumper sticker and smoke-it….


Now trying getting the facts instead of pulling bs out of your backside.


Democrat cities are war zones.

Mike Hunt

Republican cities are safe spaces for tender MAGAt snowflakes


South Chicago and West Chicago are WARZONES! That is what happens when the Commie-Democrats are in control!

Robert Meszaros

I’m told the war has moved to the Loop, also.

Last edited 2 years ago by Robert Meszaros

Unbelievable! I have a friend from from De Kalb and she said the Chicago Warzone is moving into the suburbs too!

True Americana

Impossibly unbelievable! I have a friend whose cousin’s stepbrother has a college roommate’s girlfriend whose mom’s best friend’s brother said she watched a brief video taken of a tv news story about this website and especially about Stuart’s comments that South Chicago and West Chicago are WARZONES. I just wish we knew what was going on in North Chicago and East Chicago and North North West Chicago and South West North Chicago and West North East West South Chicago and Decatur.

Mike Hunt

I heard from my uncle’s cat sitter’s hairdresser’s neighbor’s landscaper that you are 100% correct TA


Pat, I’d like to solve the puzzle!

True Americana

What moving service did they use? Hopefully local.



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