ICYMI: “Republicans Can Deliver A Knockout To Wobbly Biden—Will They?”

“No, as usual, they didn’t!

Read the full article by Steve Cortes for the National Pulse here.”

By Donald J. Trump

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Biden and his handlers have dealt themselves their own knock out blow, an economy that was ready to spring back to life of its own. Torpedoed in the first six months of this fraudulent administration. Those whom don’t see it either, don’t care or are just not paying attention.


The True Patriot Republicans will retake the house and senate in 2022 and President Trump will be Re-Elected for the Third Time in 2024!


There is no WHITE SWAMP; There is no BLACK SWAMP; There is no DEMOCRAT SWAMP; There is no REPUBLICAN SWAMP…

There is just the WASHINGTON DC SWAMP!


Gee, it almost makes you think that Mitch & Co. are on the same team as China Joe. Hmmmm . . .

Mike Hunt

Ever think that YOU & the rest of the MAGA cult here are just team nutsack?


We got your dumbass whopped. LOL We all consider you the jackass of the website.

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