ICYMI: “Return to Trump: Federal judge orders Biden to return border policy to way it was”

“Read the full article by Nolan Rappaport with The Hill here.”

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Criminal Biden and his Commie-Lib comrades need to return to President Trump’s policies IMMEDIATELY!

Mike Hunt

SCOTUS sez otherwise Stewie!

Nicola Spagnolo Jr.

It’s utterly horrible, sleepy Joe does whatever his handlers want. The guy is 47 years of complete failure. Yet he remained as a swamp lizard in DC. Sleepy Joe does things by Executive Orders. His policy is the policy of putting “Americans Last”.
I have no idea how a disgusting repulsive person actually legitimately would win an election without frauds and kick backs.
President Trump’s policies kept our Country safe.


Biden ignores the federal judges. And the judges do nothing g about it.


Yeah, I wondered, too, about how they are going to enforce this reversal order. We’ll see what happens. May have to rain a few cows and pigs down on him. But it’s at least fantastic to see that a judge DID in fact order Biden to return to Trump’s plan. How sweet it is!! ❤️

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