ICYMI: Sean Hannity Interview with Donald J. Trump

Watch here the interview from Sean Hannity with the 45th President, Donald J. Trump

From foxnews.com

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jean guirao

Great speech as usual! Dear Mr President we cannot wait 2022 or 2024 for you to come back! you have to come back immediately! Thank you for your support!


Thank you Mr. President and to our first lady, Melania, for standing up for America and for all of the dedicated men and women here that love this great country and are willing to fight for it for freedom, truth and righteousness sake. God bless you and God bless the USA…USA…USA…


Heartsick by all events. There is no leadership in our country. Every single congressman and this current administration has blood on their hands of Americans and allies. This is a very dark time in American history that can not be gaslighted by Democrats. I am not sure this country can ever recover from the actions of incompetence of the current administration. I pray there are those who can still hold those accountable.


Thank you, for you leadership, your strength, your love of our Service members. Many Prayers for Our Great Nation and for you.



I forgot to mention in my previous posts, thank you extra specially for your support of our military in Afghanistan for those two decades. Your words of appreciation were strongly expressed AND felt. I think it’s extremely important that they realize their service was NOT in vain. So glad to hear you take time to address that. Nothing can match receiving praise from their revered Commander in Chief, I’m sure. ♥️🇺🇸🌟

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