ICYMI – September 21

“Mark Morgan: DHS Leaving 224 Miles of Texas Border Exposed to ‘Invasion’”
Read the full article by Eric Mack with Newsmax here

“Trump says US becoming a ‘cesspool of humanity’ amid border crisis”

“America under Biden!”

Read the full article by Mark Moore with the New York Post here

“‘She Was Supposed To Be In Charge’: MSNBC Anchor Tears Into ‘Border Czar’ Kamala Harris”
Read the full article by Henry Rodgers with the Daily Caller here

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Prescott Bush financed Hitler.
Research and research them all.
My post disappeared.
Short story.
NSA guy said 30 tears ago they’re gonna kill 90% of us with a fake vaccine.
They killed him

Don McKellar

The Democrats and the RINO’s can’t have slaves, so they have to settle for Indentured Servants. That’s what most of these illegal aliens who don’t become street criminals end up as. They are Indentured Servants domestic and industrial. That’s why the southern border can never be allowed to be secured. The supply of Indentured Servants must continue no matter the cost to America, just like the slave trade required a civil war to stop.


Unbelievable! It just gets WORSE everyday!
Impeach Biden and his Criminal Regime NOW before it is too late!


these are not the vaccines you asked for…they are deadly….ask for an investigation..do something




Couldn’t help but notice the liberal media are basically saying that “…everything was going ok and now it’s not–what happened?”

What happened? Joe Biden is what happened.

And by the way MSM, everything was NOT going ok–IT WAS GOING GREAT–thanks to Donald Trump. They will never give credit where it’s due.

Angela Partin

What’s happening to our country is so disheartening.

Daniel L. Friedel

Yes–It’s a complete Horror show, brought on, compliments of your friendly neighborhood socialist democrats. Treasonous.

Spread the word of the 45th President!

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