ICYMI – September 23

“Politico confirms Hunter Biden laptop emails after media declared story ‘Russian disinformation’ amid election”
Read the full article by Joseph Wulfsohn with Fox News here

“By Withholding Regeneron, Biden Could Be Sentencing Black People to Death”
Read the full article by Joel B. Pollak with Breitbart here

“McLaughlin Poll: Trump’s Coming Electoral Landslide”
Read the full article by John McLaughlin and Jim McLaughlin with Newsmax here

“CDC: Afghans Arriving in U.S. Infected with Measles, Malaria, Tuberculosis”
Read the full article by John Binder with Breitbart here

“62% of Iowans disapprove of the job Joe Biden is doing as president”
Read the full article by Stephen Gruber-Miller with the Des Moines Register here

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Mein Drumpf

ICYMI – Trump loses Arizona for the fourth time & by a larger margin! “Cyber-Ninja” audit reveals Trump not only lost but Biden actually got even more votes!


it is about legal votes…period..biden couldnt win dog catcher…why would you want communism in usa..very sad


if the democrats would keep stop cheating they might become patriots

Sarah Stone

Bwahahaha! That’s hilarious!!


Mr. President, fake news is already trying to skew the Maricopa County audit in favor of fake Joe. We know you won by a landslide, this country is falling apart as you know and we await our leader, you, Mr. President. No one is going to back down who is in your corner, which are many. Just know we’re lost without you I need your guidance to keep our country and save our God-given rights. We believe you are the one to get things turned around for America. Thank you, sir, can’t wait for your return


Mr. President, I went on you tube not even a hour ago to watch Tucker. While watching I decided to leave a comment. The comment was that the audit hearing is tomorrow and here is the link. It acted like it posted but when refreshed it was no longer there. I repeated the post but this time I screen recorded 4th and 5th attempt. I posted the recording on rumble under real time proof of you tube censorship. Or you can find it under MrGabriel. I am of no importance to anyone but my family. If they are real time censoring me , that means every one. Please feel free to do with this what you want. I want nothing other than to have my God Given Rights. Thank you!

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