ICYMI – September 27

“2024: Trump over Biden by 10 points, Harris by 13”
Read the full article by Paul Bedard with the Washington Examiner here.

“Brandon Judd: Rewarding migrants for illegally crossing our borders means they will keep coming”
Read the full article by Brandon Judd for Fox News here.

“Rasmussen Poll: Biden Disapproval Hits New High of 58 Percent”
Read the full article by Eric Mack with Newsmax here

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If one is not aware Biden/Harris are a soup sandwich, than obviously not paying attention.
Just keep running, never mind the cliff ahead. LOL


Rasumssen ? That’s funny. Next he will be saying we should elect people based on CPAC polls..

Stewie's Mom

I like the Washington Examiner poll – you can’t trust THAT rag to have the correct date, but Trumpy is SO insecure he will print ANYTHING with his name in it!


Just their names in the Harrisament byedone what they have done is towards We The People of The USA can curl & hurl
Into straight jackets forever I pray for justice in Jesus name and may it be God Will amen 🙏

Cheryl Lueddeke

I wish I could attach video clips. Non stop day n night illegals are bought in no push back at all bus waiting n they’re swooped off Men w children ALL STATING their mothers abandoned them. ALL OF THEM.
Instagram @RealAnthonyAguero he was the guy telling scumbag Sharpton to gtf out of Texas go look. He’s on the ground nightly


Rock N Roll President Trump!
We need YOU BACK!


Everyone on here that complains nothing is happening fast enough, or what else can we do. Well you can get involved at the local level like school boards, precinct caucus’s, even get elected to being a party delegate. Call your representatives, even other representatives. You can get most any government information at http://www.usa.gov and yes this includes local government. Listen to https://rumble.com/c/BannonsWarRoom they give information on websites and people promoting and how to get involved. I could list all the alternative news sites getting this information out but Bannon (also found here https://warroom.org/ ) is doing that for you, and interviews them all the time and gives out their information. You are empowered, believe and you and we can achieve.


Noting will get done until YOU do something!


Voting needs fixed. We can run and vote; but until it’s fixed we are no better than Venezuela. I believe writing your legislators A-lot!

Florida Robert

I have gotten involved but my vote has been stolen by weak voting controls in Penn, Arizona, and the rest of the shithole states.

Cary Miller

What a bunch of BUNK! 10 points? BUNK!
53 percent??? So 53 out of 100 people are absolute “F” ing MORONS!!! No wonder, if it’s that bad, then we need at least 53% coverage of Vaxxed.



I watched Jack Posobiec read the numbers off on Bannon’s Warrom and they were sent to them before release on 3 specific questions, and it was 52% DISAPPROVAL to 40% approval for raising the debt ceiling. On the 3.5 trillion Infrastructure bill it was 53% DISAPPROVAL and 36% approval. On this statement made on the spending bill “Do you agree this bill is a Trojan Horse for socialism” DISAGREE 59% agree 33%. Biden’s job DISAPPROVAL 58% job approval 40%. So cheer up, even with all the mainstream media lies and propaganda the people see more than you think. You’ll never get everyone to agree on policies, it’s the moderates of both parties and the independents who change the direction of the political winds.


Correction: on the statement about the spending bill question “Do you agree this bill is a Trojan Horse for socialism” Agree was 59% and disagree was 33%. I was so used to the Dis’s being at the beginning I wouldn’t want any of the libtard trolls getting the wrong idea or anything ;)~


Take this vaccine and Shove It!

Angela Partin

I’m sure his ratings are lower. And It’s a sad day when the enemy is allowed to infiltrate our country.


And given A-lot of freebies on the American dime..

YOUR Help is Needed

Only with YOUR help we can spread the word of the 45th President