ICYMI: Special Counsel Michael Gableman Joins Tucker Carlson on Wisconsin Voter Fraud

“Wow, a Rigged Election!

Watch the full video here.” – Donald J. Trump

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glad this is squeaking out

Pete M.

The election in 2020 was stolen WITHOUT a doubt. So, is this what these bastards wanted???? Open boarders, gas at $5-6 per gal, government mandates, thousands dead in Ukraine, and the possibility of nuclear war looming over us!!! Is this what those damn bastards wanted???? OMG Trump put out a nasty tweet!! OMG, steal the election!!! Ok, you effn bastards you got what you wanted: a braindead corrupt pedophile killer bastard that hates OUR country and sold us out to China, Russia, and who knows what else for his PERSONAL gain!! At OUR expense!!! Tell me, why is this bastard still alive?????


[S]omeone else fr[O]nted the millions of dolla[R]s Zuckerberg used in this v[O]te buying [S]cheme.


Godspeed~God bless~MAGA!

Meg P

For those of us who were born in the beautiful state of Wisconsin and know how good the Midwest people are, shame on you Zuckerman for spending your millions to bribe voting officials. Mr. President you described Zuck-up Zuckerman so well in your beautiful book. Time to smell the coffee Facebook fans for this is where that money is going to. Sounds like Zucker-man is a Soros mini-me. Do you see how Soros not only is as old as dirt, but that he looks like he has been dug up from the dirt! That is what hanging out with evil does to you after a while.


your right, zuck the cuck is from the Rockefeller bloodline if i am not mistaken. and the reason these elite live to be walking skeletons is Baby blood , No i dont mean like that. some maybe but most of the super rich have blood transfusions of young blood to help them sustain life. hence the reason the huge push on abortion. not only blood but countless other things too. that is the reason they want to legalize full term abortion. for a lack of better terms “the riper the berry the sweeter the juice.” abortion in its self is an abomination of God, but is a sacrifice to Baal. did you know the largest occult following and the largest worship service of Baal is right her in America, 70,000 wiccans, pagans, satanist and sorcerer’s have a baal revival every labor day. baal worship was the main worship of the Canaanite and Edomites and was the reason Israel was destroyed by Assyria and Judah was destroyed by babylon. also was a direct result in the demise of Sodom and Gomorra.

Heather Jane Wyatt

We need Trump now more than ever. The current administration is corrupt, ignorant and dangerous to our future as well as the future of humanity. I feel like I am in the f@#$ing twilight zone!

Carmine Gazerro

The world and United States knows the election was stolen, those who deny reality agree with the stealing and are enemies of the state by definition. They’re lucky all they got is some idiots on the left and idiots on the right that broke some windows. If it ever happens again I don’t think the reaction will be something that could be handled and that would be very sad. Our democracy is fragile you mess with our vote we’d must acknowledge and except The people will be taking the country back from these leaders whom have failed them. These Democrats need to remember this country is ours not theirs we allow them a brief period in time to protect us which they are not doing. The ruling class has failed at a number well let’s put 30 Billion dollars on it and climbing. Do you know how stupid you have to be not to be able to run the greatest country in the world with the greatest assets in the world. All ones Gotta do is hire smart people and do what’s right for the citizens of that country. Republicans yes but Democrats have failed at this at a level only defined by the cities they have run for over 40 years. Their distractions and their racism is for one reason to make you angry and look at someone else but THEM who are leading you, destroying the cities you live in

Last edited 1 year ago by Carmine Gazerro

Overturn the RIGGED 2020 election NOW!


No you are STEWIE@!!! How much did you send your God this month?


Typical godless leftist.

(Hates anyone with faith.)


That is the War we are currently in, Armageddon. look up the definition. And as far as Glenny he is so miserable he has nothing to look forward too but fear and death. Real Christians dont send God nothing but appreciation for what we have. When Christ died on the cross he paid our debt. even yours glenny. Glenny look in the book of Mark chapter 12 and verses 30 and 31 in the KJV bible. its as simple as reading that. and accepting Christ as your personal savior. an old man once told me his response when people ask him how he know God is real. ” id rather live like there is a God in heaven and there not be of such, than to live like there isnt a God in heaven and have to stand before him on judgment day.”


I think it’s clear that Glenn was not talking about the God but rather how Trump-supporters typically treat the former president like he is a god.


I figured that but it took several readings to figure it out. Shouldn’t capitalize “God” unless you really mean God.


I guess that’s a question of perception.

Ya think lefty?


Now he wants his followers to contribute and pay for a new plane.


Better than Billions being spent on leftist pork projects that cause inflation to soar.

We all wish we could buy Trump 10 planes. (Heck, it would help the economy)

Kelsey MK

I don’t know. Why are we finally hearing about this now. This doesn’t make me feel better. The electronics are so great when we want them to be and so slow when we don’t. Just more tools to corrupt and/ or make your case, or not. I am losing hope bigly.


Hang in there!
Things take time!

American girl

Finally! get these people arrested and decertify the 2020 election!

Nicola Spagnolo Jr.

Finally! Tucker Carlson is awesome!
However, Georgia is still a big problem, what can be done about ballot harvesting Stacy the Hutt along with all the other voter fraud in that State?

Johnny Appleseed

This is the truth.

This is the core of all these problems.

We as Christian’s are more worried about our salvation by the blood of Jesus…. Selfishly worried about our own salvation…. Than seeing the story for what it is.

We as a society have decided it is better to crucify the guy telling the truth trying to actually do something about the problems in the world, than correct the little assholes causing all the problems.

Because it’s easier to not make waves and just go with the flow.

Bottom line.

Nicola Spagnolo Jr.

Absolutely agree!


Dear President Trump, I would redact or reiterate the support of zelensky and Ukraine. the patriots understand what’s going on over there. It will only hurt your polls when the facts come out just as the Pfizer vax, I understand completely that during the beginning of the pandemic you were being fed misinformation. and advocating the vax hurt your polls. I am on your side and work relentlessly to pursue the truth. you do not have to approve this comment nor post it. just know from a 3rd party perspective of what its doing. I wouldnt pick a side at this point. I support you I understand your only human and have your hands full. JMO and just trying to help. Thank you Sir for all you do.




Did you know that VP was the only world leader who vowed on the international stage to protect the Christians from persecutions even against their own government, I respect your opinion and point of view, as I do everyone’s regardless if it aligns with mine or the exact opposite. To fully understand the scope of the current global situation today would take months for someone to fully understand. I pray for the Ukrainian civilians as well as Yemen, Syria, Palestine, Afghanis, Iraqis, and on and on. even if their beliefs are opposite of mine. however I refuse to buy into the propaganda that I trusted for years. the whole world by default would rather live in peace and enjoy their heritage and culture without some bully and or bigot demanding they change. I am ashamed of what our government has made the whole world perceive us as. Have a wonderful day and I am grateful that we can sit here and freely disagree.


​Genetically Modified Mosquitoes Set to Be Released in California and Florida

My Man Trump

Who has been crying for proof…..Oh, that’s right, the commies. Get use to it, there is going to be a lot more to come.


WOW!!! Tucker Carlson finally broke the FOX silence on substantial election fraud, illegal money of Zuckerberg and the fraudulent filling out of senior citizen ballots. This gives me hope that just maybe Americans will get justice and we can hold all those who broke the law accountable legally. I suspect civil as well as criminal charges will ultimately be brought!! Thanks Tucker. Now get your coward friends like Hannity to start doing his job again.


Talk about nothing burgers…


I know all about those Dean, The Democrats Excel at cooking-up Nothing Burgers.



Dan for DT

The guy they inserted was your idiot so naturally your going to keep on saying the same crap –“No election fraud–Nothing to see here.” 2000 Mules dude. Just one example of the many frauds perpetrated by those you support. You VP.

Johnny Appleseed

Dean, this is not a nothing burger….

This is crow….

Eat up.


Decertifiy needs done now!!!

Last edited 1 year ago by Judi
Teresa Jawson


Baskin Robbins


Baskin Robbins

Judy say! Judy say! Decertify needs done now! Judy say!


Excuse me sir or mam, but I think all that ice-cream has caused you terminal “Brain-Freeze”

(Seek medical assistance immediately!)


What say you Bill Barr?? Over to you!


Stealing elections have consequences … look at what it did to our country

Paula Hall

Man if only Bill Barr would have done his job like this guy! Thank you President Trump for fighting for the one tool WE THE PEOPLE have to have a voice!

Elaine Rhoney

Bill Barr should be ashamed of himself. Once again, for money & the sale of a book, he is showing his true colors. So many people were disappointed when Trump made him part of his inner circle. Not to be trusted. All about himself. His sale will not be good because of his untrusting ways. The book, can only be filled with lies. The best part in Barr’s interview, truth be told, he has no proof of any wrongdoings, pertaining to Trump.


And Spying did occur. He confirmed that again. But everything he said about no evidence of 2020 election theft was pure bullshit.


theft???? fraud???? get your story straight. Oh yeah Biden won Tashie!!!!


Hardly ever have read the words you have typed. (Between “yeah” and “Tashie”)

Made me throw-up in my mouth….


Barr got Trump off for his Obstruction. Be GD thankful Elaine!!!


He would make a good democrat, wouldn’t he Glenn?

Craig Barrett

Anyone who has a functional brain knows there was fraud on a massage scale

Mark Rakow

That damned massage scale never did function properly.


Trump will soon be your leader, and all you can do is correct spelling??

HAHAHA (when all other debate fails, huh Mark?)

Last edited 1 year ago by THosk
My Man Trump

Is that all you really have to say about the proven voter fraud….Going into your English school teacher routine. I don’t know anything about your massage scale but that massive scale thing really worked, uh Markie. Where is that big lying mouth of yours now.


Truly, the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organisation in the history of American politics.


Imagine that.

Deborah Enos

We must make sure the elections are not rigged! We must prosecute those that rigged the 2020 election!


what is really sad is the supreme court would not even look at it and see where we are now. not right at all.

Deborah Enos

It was so sad to see the court cower to the democrats! What have they got on Robert’s?


Bushy Appointee. (nuff said)

Mark Rakow

Strictly speaking, SCOTUS is an appeals court, not a court of original jurisdiction. They can’t “look at it” unless it’s been heard by a lower court, a ruling issued, and an appeal filed.

Most of the 63 lawsuits were, in legal parlance, dismissed “without prejudice.” Typically, this occurs when the plaintiff offers up no evidence, or the evidence is inadmissible, or hearsay. In practical terms, it means case closed – and no appeal will be heard.

It’s not “really sad.” Frankly, it’s not sad at all. You don’t like the fact that Trump lost the election, and he lost in court, too. That’s an opinion, and the legal system doesn’t work that way. Court decisions are based on interpretation of the law, not on interpretations of your feelings.


Mark, you seem to be interested in law … too bad you know so little about it…

The court systems are deeply political in all countries including the U.S.

Note how the media always points out which president appointed a judge to inform you of their political leanings… with the of the exception of President Trump (the real president)

Trump appointed SCOTUS judges for their ability to apply the law as it was written…. that is called originalism

Also, you might want to take some time to learn about “judge shopping”.

After you get a little older, study the left leaning members of the “supreme court” as they make all of their decisions for pure political reasons and have little to do with the law

The leftist judges on the Supreme Court utilize legalize nomenclature (a big word for you) to make word salads (legal opinions) for people like you to swallow.

We look forward to you reaching your 13th birthday…




Bloviate much?

I guess it really depends on who’s in office? (Evidence is piling up, and you can’t stop it.) When Trumps back in power (Nov 2022) the investigations will really begin.

(Sorry to simply blow your whole comment away, easily.)

Last edited 1 year ago by THosk

SCOTUS ruling “really depends or who’s in office” ?
I could say THosk is an asshole but that would be impolite


Yes Dean the DOJ and the Republican party are run by the Supreme court.

But I will say, you are a Dumb Ass…..(Not name calling, just calling you what you are. That last comment proves it.)

Last edited 1 year ago by THosk
My Man Trump

Now he is doing his lawyer routine. What about this evidence…..Nothing to say, uh. You would have been better off to ignore it. This avoidance doesn’t play well for your regime. I guess you are waiting for the spin.

Elaine Rhoney

Why do we have a Supreme Court? Lately they are not doing their job. Their job is to rule according to our Constitution. Their politics & their biases should not be involved in any of their decisions. Their connections with the Hollywood Elite should cease. Politics is ruling many of their decisions. That is not why we have a Constitution. They need to do their job or step aside. They can all be replaced. Perhaps that is a topic that should be at the forefront of Sunday News Show for starters.

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