ICYMI: “Stunning Poll Reveals Trump Would Win Election Held Today, As Nearly 1 In 10 Democrats ‘Regret’ Their 2020 Vote”

Read the full article by Raheem Kassam with the National Pulse here.

New poll suggests Trump would WIN the election today because women and black voters regret their choice and 14% would choose another candidate”

Read the full article by Elizabeth Elkind with the Daily Mail here.

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Tim Tates

Polls don’t matter when the Democrats are allowed to rig elections! It’s disgusting what the VOTER FRAUD radical Democrats are doing to our Republic!

Drink Clorox

But you have ZERO EVIDENCE that Voter Fraud occurred. Thus, what you’re saying is just a big, fat bullshit Conspiracy Theory.
Smart people don’t believe conspiracy theories unless they see proof. You’ve decided to skip that critical step.
Sorry, Timmy boy. That’s the way life works.


Mr.Drink Clorox.

There is an abundance of evidence of voter fraud. Arizona, GA, Wisc, PA. Even left-leaning news orgs have reluctantly had to report stories about arrests of those who were caught committing fraud. Mike Lyndell’s cyber symposium also revealed an overflow of evidence. And of course in the states of Arizona and GA they have already shown multiple indications of xeroxed ballots, dead persons voting, non-residents voting…..and that’s just the surface fraud or “low hanging fruit”. If you cannot see the proof “Drinky boy” you are being purposely ignorant. That is the way life works.


If you do a search for this website, they talk bad about it but never mention the name.
I wasn’t able to find it until today.

I know people who listen and watch CNN and believe everything said.
I stopped watching all the network news stations. I now watch Rumble, Brighteon, Alex Jones Infowars.

I stopped using Facebook, Twitter & Amazon in protest
It’s unbelievable the 38% can’t see the greatness of Donald Trump, the best President we have ever had.

I believe the 2020 Election was stolen and really thought President Trump would be back in office by now. The swamp is just too big.


Mr. (Real) President,
It gives America comfort knowing you are still in the fight to save our country from Communism. I think I speak for a fairly sizable number of your voters when say that it is time for you to attack the Covid scam. It is clear Fauci, CDC et al, misled and lied to you. If you knew that the shot would kill thousands of Americans and injure over 500k, you would never have signed the EUA. When you speak on Saturday, at your rally, please let America know that the vaxx program must stop immediately, that it is the vaxx that is creating “new” variants and cases and over 70% of hospitalized are fully vaxxed. This has been shown by peer-reviewed science and the CDC itself. The information is available on many venues. You must also let America know that masks do not work. There is endless peer-reviewed science to prove this. As 2024 draws near and you prepare to run for the office, make no mistake the Dems will turn on a dime, announce that they have “discovered” new evidence that shows Operation Warp Speed was a cash cow for pharmaceutical companies and you entered into the EUA so you could make money. They will immediately blame you for killer vaccines and horrible mask mandates……and the press will carry that banner into the election year. Coupled with the technocrats, they will attack you as the “godfather” of killing citizens through your Op Warp Speed and wearing masks. Get away from it now. God bless you, your family, and the United States.

Sherry Fremont



I am hearing also to a certain degree from some of my Liberal distant friends and Big Time Union supporters who are Big democrats!


Trump would win today–Great! Exactly the same as on November 3rd.

Tim Tates

Spot on!


I’m a democrat and I wouldn’t vote for you if you were running against a chipmunk, nor would anyone else I know, especially women.


But you would vote for Joe Biden? A universally agreed upon “Creepy guy” and the way he raised his son Hunter Biden to be equally if not more creepy. What kind of woman are you? I sure hope you’re not a mother.


Yes. You don’t think the trump kids are creepy? Yikes!


Like I said, hope your not a mother. Thanks for verifying my point though. Comparing Trumps kids to Hunter Biden? Give me a Break…that’s like comparing Mickey Mouse to Charles Manson.

Last edited 1 year ago by THosk
Tim Tates

Only people with mental disorders think Trump’s kids are creepy! They had class something you lack!


This is stupid where is the video of a Trump kid smoking crack with a hooker? From what I saw they served America well four years. With constant crap from the CCP media (ABC/CBS/MSDNC/CNN. You should look at just how many so-called news has CCP ties 🙂

Drink Clorox

UNIVERSALLY AGREED UPON??? How can you know it’s universally agreed upon if all you read is the Far Right Wing news?
Face it, THuck. You’re stuck in the far right wing bubble and only get what they want you to hear. You know there are many non-biased, centrist media sources. Why don’t you read them? Probably because you only want to read shit that makes you feel good. Probably why you believe Trump won the 2020 election. Your aversion to ignore reality is your character flaw.

Sherry Fremont

wrong! I am a woman who knows BULL SHIT and it is not TRUMP! PROMISES MADE PROMISES KEPT AND HE LOVES AMERICA. So you keep your commie biden and God forbid they get that far because one day you will eat these words when they give you a voucher so you can eat and it will not be enough food!

Tim Tates

What a stupid lying comment! Normal Women love this man you ignoramus! Go put on your pussy hat and march with Muslim terrorists and communists who consider you a useful idiot! I believe you would vote for a chipmunk because you have the same brain volume as one!

Mrs. Sunshine

In the 2020 election, biden* received 38% of the legitimate popular vote. Of that 38%, 10 points have since been lost.

So, if the election were held today biden* would get 28% of the legitimate popular vote.

Elections stolen by RINOs working hand in hand with democrats have consequences.
When you have a president with no actual base, there is no floor of how far biden* can fall.

Last edited 1 year ago by Mrs. Sunshine

Well Yeah, you won in November too…but they cheated!


Hello?! He won the last one!

Drink Clorox

Hello?! If Trump won, need be in the White House now.
He’s not because, according to our constitution, he lost.
Deal with it and stop whining.

Tim Tates

There is nowhere in the Constitution that says the government will allow a rigged election!


Actually its not that stunning. What’s kind of stunning to me is, why that number isn’t nearly 5 in 10 Democrats regret voting for Biden.

Stalwart Republican

Funny. I read a poll the other day that said that a majority of Americans believe you were directly and personally responsible for the January 6 insurrection


So far, from those arrested in the FBIs massive dragnet over Jan. 6, nobody has been charged with terrorism or insurrection. Instead, most of those arrested are being charged with nonviolent picketing offenses, which is a far cry from the theory that domestic terrorism from Trump supporters is imminent.

Drink Clorox

What about the rioters who killed Officer Sicknick and injured hundreds others?
Are you okay with that?


That was not a majority of American. It was a majority of Democrats–BIG DIFFERENCE!


He was

Carlos Idelone

That my dear fellow was NOT an insurrection. It was a gaggle of tourists mulling around with Antifa and BLM trying to raise some hell. If it was a REAL insurrection hundreds of people would have been killed, including all the traitors in government. It’s only a MAKE-BELiEVE insurrection to give the Globalists something to rag on Trump about. Like the two MAKE-BELIEVE IMPEACHMENTS>

Sherry Fremont

who is really responsible is Pelosi because it is her job for security and the FBI instigation of this day is coming out. And no there are MILLIONS OF US THAT SEE THE TRUTH AND TRUMP KNOWS WHO WE ARE!! WAKE UP WITH THE FACTS.

Tim Tates

What happened in January was a tour of the Capitol compared to the real insurrection caused by the Democrat-controlled brownshirts the fascist Antifa and the Marxist Black Lies Matter when they looted and burned down Democrat-run cities! Thank GOD that a majority of the people who walked through the Capitol were freedom-loving patriots instead of the fascist Antifa or Black Lies Matter Thugs because that building would have become a cinder!

Cary Miller

14%??? Seriously, what is wrong with the 86%? “Please lord, bless the ‘86%’ with sight!?”
Any of the “86%” that reads this, please open your eyes?!!!

Florida Robert

This poll is of the 45% that voted for Biden. The rest were computer votes that filled in the gap up to 51%. It does not matter how low the Democrat votes are, the computer will fill in the difference. Welcome to the “New America”.


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