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Cj Gazerro

It’s a joke we’re allowing this election scam p, we should be in the streets every weekend until it’s corrected

Miss Mo

All the jerks who say Trump cannot be re-instated when the states decertify would have been the same ones leading the charge to remove Trump had Meuller found he colluded with Russia and won by cheating.

Nicole Carilli

Why is the video removed?

Miss Mo

he was on the phone


I loved to hear you criticize Biden’s vaccine mandate. But would it be possible for you to release a statement repeating you believe people shouldn’t be forced to take it, please? I would be very grateful for a more vocal support from you on this issue. You said the mandate was “not good”, but for many people it’s getting scary right now. I think a clear statement from the duly elected President on this matter would be very much appreciated.


I would love it, but I also think Big Pharma is very dangerous, I think President Trump must be very prudent. He must better do it when he returns to White House.

Ralph Fleming

So remember when Trump was president AND EVERYONE WANTED THE VACCINE!


He does an interview practically everyday. He should tell people to get vaccinated.


Because Biden is already taking away freedoms and forcing American Citizens to get vaccinated, but the thousands of illegal invaders get a pass…


He was confident in scientists, but there is a lot of impostor scientists. He was wrong in keeping Fauci.


Yes I did me too, but it was for saving brittle people. It is not a mandate for everyone. And with the time going on, we need better vaccines.

Deanna Collins

Our True President Donald J Trump !!!!


Mr President, great interview! You continue to be a bright, shining symbol of strength and hope for not just many Americans, but all genuine freedom loving people around the world in this dark, uncertain time.
Sincere, best wishes and prayers that you will once again lead the USA and the Western World.
God Bless.

Eddy Leger

who released this feedback loop……..poor audio, fired



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