ICYMI: “‘They Showed Weakness’: Pompeo Hits Back At Biden, Says Trump Admin Had ‘Conditions-Based’ Withdrawal Plan”

Read the full article by Christopher Tremoglie with the Daily Caller here.

ICYMI: “Rep. Ronny Jackson to Newsmax: ‘Bad Things Going to Happen’ on National Security”

Read the full article by Charles Jim with Newsmax here.

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Tim Tates

The VOTER FRAUD Democrats want to raise our taxes after they gave billions of dollars worth of military equipment to our enemies! Enough is enough!


President Trump, no one turned up at Dover. Please help us, please.


Conditions based and NO Timeline this is President Trump’s plan! Also, the taliban knew if they attacked the withdrawal they would be bombed off the earth!

Michael Jenson

Yes they did, I want my President to be strong in mind and Lionhearted. Strength makes peace. President Trump is that Man. P.F.N. Biden is weak every rung in there latter is apt to break sleep does not come easy in these times. The border is open and a hundred of crazy Jihad dogs come thru a day. I wonder if they have all there shots?

Angry Patriot

Puppet president Biden,his administration,it’s underlings,all those who are complicit,and the “WOKE” U.S. military leaders,are treasonous traitors to the U.S.A. and her allies for what recently occurred in Afghanistan.They must be arrested,charged as treasonous traitors,be tried at military tribunals,be convicted,then executed in the public square for everyone to witness,including members of congress.The executions must be hangings.One at a time,tie their hands behind their backs,place them on horseback,place a noose around each of their necks,the other end around a thick branch that will support the weight,place a black sack over their heads,then SLOWLY walk the horse out from under them.They must suffer and die slowly,so they know their end time is here.A drop hanging is too good for any of them.


Amen! You could also use a Firing Squad!



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