ICYMI: “Tony Blinken’s pathetic Afghanistan Blame Game”

“Thank you to the New York Post for explaining that Biden didn’t have a clue about the most inept and tragic withdrawal from a country in history. Biden should be ashamed of himself and his administration.”

By Donald J. Trump

Read the full article from the New York Post here

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My Man Trump

Biden, Blinkin, Milly and Austin (and I’m sure there are more) court martialed or better yet charged with treason and hung.

Tim Tates

I think your next campaign hat should have Enough is Enough!


Biden was not elected by the people of the USA. He was put into power by our enemies by means of a stolen and fraudulent election. He clearly is not running our government. Whoever is running this government is not doing so in the best interests of the USA. Blunders like the tragic Afganistan withdrawal are inexcusable. No patriot would sanction or implement such a haphazard mission. No patriot would entertain the thought of leaving Americans or our allies behind. No patriot would allow millions of dollars of our advanced weaponry to be captured by terrorists. This administration is hopelessly corrupt.


It was clearly the plan of whoever is running the current clown show to use the hurried departure as a smoke screen for providing the Taliban with weapons and pallets of cash. They executed the plan flawlessly.

My Man Trump

I absolutely agree. It is all planned. Marxism 101.


I agree with that. ❤🇺🇸❤


We are Leaderless!! The weakest and most vulnerable the USA has been since 9/11.
Now with our doors swung wide open by the current inept administration we have invited crime, corruption and future terrorism.


They said they had a deadline but no plan. Well they had seven months to come up with a plan. Trump didn’t inherit a plan either though BO & JB had EIGHT YEARS to work on it.


And they could have used the plan that President Trump had in place already.


Exactly, Linda. It was all laid out for them, in written form.



Nicola Spagnolo Jr.

Demented Joe and his entire worthless administration are a disgrace as well as frauds. They lied before the election, they lied after the election and continue to lie.


“Post Editorial Board” – enough said…

My Man Trump

Enough said….If only you meant it.

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