ICYMI: “Trump Can Win His Case Against Tech Giants”

You can read the full article for the Wall Street Journal by Vivek Ramaswamy here.

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Christine Marie Hester

The statement from Facebook after Biden stated that Facebook is killing you says it all , they did not deny spying on people , they only put out a defensive angry tweet , that alone tells you everything


I love how this site has attracted so many TDS sufferers! Ha!


President Trump will WIN this case hands down!

Mike Kissinger

No he cannot. Every lawyer except whoever he is using now, says the lawsuit does not have a snowball’s chance. The first paragraph of the article summarizes the reality. Does give a little hope, and most likely the lawyer is donating time. But it will go nowhere.


WRONG – TRUMP is already winning big time – just not in court. TRUMP will reap millions in donations for this “legal” action – going right into his PAC (more like personal slush fund). Who knows if he’ll even pay the lawyers… TRUMP is sitting on a pile of dough and I’m sure his family and friends are being paid nicely for being “directors”, etc.

Interesting on Fox yesterday TRUMP said he has already made his 2024 decision but can’t announce anything at this time because of campaign funding considerations, etc.
RIGHT – likely because campaign contributions would cut into the donations going into his “personal slush fund”. Gotta keep the grift going as long as possible…

Mike Kissinger

Yup, he will and does reap millions of dollars from the willing suckers that PT Barnum so aptly described years ago. I doubt the Mr. Trump is sitting on a pile of dough, while he is drowning under a on a mountain of debt.

Ooooh, yeah secret 2024 announcement….shhh…..don’t want to disrupt the money flow…shhhh……

Step right up minions, come one, call all, Uncle Trump needs yer dough……hurry, hurry, hurry….plenty of “Contribute” buttons to go round…..hurry, hurry, hurry, hurry.

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