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My Man Trump

That is no surprise. Trump is continuing to add to his supporter base every day by people from every walk of life. Nobody likes evil.


Latins gave up a lot to become American, and now Usurper Biden is trying to destroy it.


I know many latins in this great country of ours also and they say to me that they hate this open border crap because they had to come here the right way and many of the ones who are sliding in over the border now are criminals or at least less than ambitious and will give the hard working latin folks a bad name. But we know why they did it. VOTES–the most insulting thing is, they think we are stupid and can’t figure this out. It angers me.

Johnny Appleseed

So, I had a fellow that watched my six that was Latino. I was very young and… stupid.

He asked me one time how I felt about the boarder jumpers….

Me being young and wanting everyone to have the best in life was like… I don’t know maybe they want a better life…

That dude turned beat red and ripped me a new ass like I needed two buttholes to shit.

He told me exactly just how stupid I was that my father and his father helped build this country and what an asshole I was for disrespecting them.

And then he proceeded to tell me how I disrespected him, his wife and his kids because he signed up to serve the country to gain his and their citizenship….

When he was done with me I had to stand on a nickel to piss on a dime…

This was a former Mexican that ripped me a new ass… and lord help me if I called him a Mexican.

I really respected that guy. He was a good guy.

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Great. Keep it coming!!!


Great Job President Trump!
The Latinos see the FAILUREs and CORRUPTION of the Commie-Libs!
Viva President Trump!

Elizabeth Headley

I was just thinking earlier…wouldn’t it be interesting if the illegals who entered our Country, and were given the RIGHT to vote, predominantly voted for YOU, POTUS!
God is amazing…works miracles all day long…we know that’s the purpose of them being allowed in by the Democrats! For their VOTES! Well, besides the sicko deviants who want their CHILDREN…and I might add, a real NEED for WORKERS, doing all this infrastructure work, b/c most young Americans WOULD BALK AT physical work b/c they have no strength, fortitude, drive, or desire to do manual labor, even if their lives depended upon it…P.S. also JUST SAYING, if they’re just HANDED the right to vote, I’m more than a little insulted, considering I am an American, born and raised, worked since I was 15…and my vote in the 2020 election wasn’t counted!! According to a fact checking DC# ppl could call back then to make sure. Was informed, in fact that I had NEVER VOTED??!! Wonder who I should call @ that??
I let it go. Because I have more serious complaints than voter fraud to contend with…but yeah…it would be apropos if THEY PREDOMINANTLY VOTED REPUBLICAN! VOTED FOR YOU, NOT HIDIN BIDEN!
Just a whimsical passing thought…


Sir, china is on the move.


No Kidding!
Especially since Criminal Joe AKA “The BIG GUY” is getting his cut!

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