ICYMI: “Trump hitting the road again, sets Alabama rally for Aug. 21”

Read the full article by Samuel Chamberlain with the New York Post here.

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Carmine gazerro

Dear Mr President,

we miss you and are behind you and you see us fighting nationally. A movement like never before. Why you ask we love you sir. You have created a movement larger then ever and the result will be a new America you saved .

Jesse Hays

It’s time

Lee Keel

Don’t let the troll’s deter you from our goal. The troll’s will forever live under the bridge where the light never shine’s.

Lynn Norwood

Pick up the mantle and lead us again to victory. Save this nation! We love you.



Susan cossett

It is wonderful that in all that is going on in his life that our wonderful.rightful President is taking time to connect with his people…the ones who love him as he loves them. I appreciate that he just keeps on going when sometimes he probably does not feel like doing that. He is an inspiration to me. He has made me want to be all I can possibly be. I want to do all.I can to.keep.America safe.


Great news President Trump! Will it be on Newsmax?


So easy to see who the Trolls are on this site, just look for the red thumbs down vote…

Last edited 2 years ago by THosk

these trolls are alowed to be on Trump site and say what ever the hell they want but when we even indicate were on Trump side on big tech platforms they ban us such a double standered the democrats have. can’t wait for the rally

Drink Clorox

Good. I hope it’s a big crowd with a lot of maskless, unvaccinated TrumpTards.
I hope they stand close to each other and cough.
That would be wonderful. Don’t you think?


The vaccine is not a political thing if you want to talk about big maskless crowds lets talk Obama’s birthday party almost none were vaccinated there.

Linda MacLeod Goodman

And at risk of being swept away by the ‘rising tides’. Demons living dangerously.


Did you feel the same about Lollapalooza, the Texas Democrat unmasked DC flight spreader event, or Obama’s Martha’s vineyard super-spreader? You are not a nice person.


(if you are a person)


“It” might be human, but “it” has proven time and again by “it’s” posts that “it” is not a person, only a demon.


Why don’t you change your name to “Trump likes neo-Nazis in Charlottesville” to further extend another lie?

Mike Hunt

Won’t you be presidunce again by that time? I mean, weren’t you reinstated last night? No? You’re just a loser like daddy always said!


Will try to make it personally, if not then will definitely see it on TV!

Kim Jong

Great – more spreading of lies… 😐

Linda MacLeod Goodman

Only tyrants fear free speech. No one’s blocking yours.


Mask up !



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