ICYMI: “What Afghanistan tells us about Team Biden’s incompetence”

Read the full article by Michael McKenna with the Washington Times here.

ICYMI: “Pompeo says US’s credibility damaged by Biden’s Afghanistan ‘debacle’”

Read the full article by Mark Moore with the New York Post here.

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Imma Doomas

Wonder when Pompeo will turn on Trump to stay out of prison?


You are a bovid !

Daniel L. Friedel

Unfortunately this would leave us with Kamella DeVille in charge -I shutter at the thought of it.

Imma Doomas

7 1.2 years more of Biden. A full 2 terms of Madam President Harris & the maybe 8 of AOC? Could happen!


Once it gets proven that AOC is the one who actually murdered Ashli Babbitt, her career will come to an abrupt end. Actually, if we can have an honest next election, her career will end then.

As for Biden and Harris, they’ll be done as soon as the decertifications kick in over the next few weeks.

Face it, with an honest election, your cast of criminals is through!!

Imma Doomas

Go borrow a screwdriver – evidently you have a few loose ones. Ashli Babbitt was a traitor & execution is the punishment for treason. Justice served. Again Kenski, you lost. Trump lost. He will never hold ANY office again except maybe cell-block bitch.

Imma Doomas

That would be “shudder” you illiterate ass

Daniel L. Friedel


Daniel L. Friedel

This from the person who put their name up as “I’M A DUMB ASS” . Congrats–You are one.

Daniel L. Friedel

Joe has proven what we already suspected was true. (Well we knew) He’s an incompetent bumbling Idiot-child. He has compromised the security of this country and it’s constitution on many levels and should be impeached for it.



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