I’ll beat her again

“Stacey “The Hoax” Abrams has just announced that she’s running for Governor of Georgia. I beat her single-handedly, without much of a candidate, in 2018. I’ll beat her again, but it will be hard to do with Brian Kemp, because the MAGA base will just not vote for him after what he did with respect to Election Integrity and two horribly run elections, for President and then two Senate seats. But some good Republican will run, and some good Republican will get my endorsement, and some good Republican will WIN!”

By Donald J. Trump

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Look to West!


They can’t cheat without illegal mail-in ballots and dominion machines. Therefore, get rid of dominion and smartmatic and DO NOT under ANY circumstance allow this government to scare you into shutting yourself up in your home. Turn the ‘news’ off, pray, live life and enjoy your family. God Bless America

Mark Rakow

Trump’s claim is completely ridiculous. He didn’t “beat her,” much less “single-handedly.” That’s just Trump being his idiotic, egotistical, obnoxious self. Brian Kemp is the Governor of Georgia. He won with, perhaps, some help from Trump.

But let’s give credit where credit is due. Trump LOST Georgia. Single-handedly.


They stole it in 2020, why they give it up in 2022?

Stalwart Republican


John F. Brzezinski III

to be honest, Mr. President……it no longer matters. Those ‘in charge’ in the future WILL be held responsible for their actions considering they are technically ‘in charge’ of humanity. Fuck with my species, you will no longer be a part of it…PERIOD….regardless of your so called ‘laws’ made up by idiots thinking they can sustain the continuity of their bloodline through manipulation. It’s not a joke……this isn’t a ‘Newsmax” saying China will attack, or a fake ass NASA update on a FAKE ASS asteroid “coming close” to ‘Earth’

This shit is over. There are those who are NOT nullified by the ignorance that is ‘intelligence’ and we are gonna make DAMN SURE that this species, in the end because of the lack standards and complete ignorance taught by DOE, thrives. TOO FUKIN BAD for the rest…..it has been mass produced, the hypocrisy of the current structure, and NO….YOU ALL DO NOT get reprieve. I don’t care WHO you THINK you are…;….you ain’t nothing but another human..and if you aren’t, you do NOT belong fuking with my species. Godspeed. youj gonna need it MSM

My Man Trump

LMAO! Alright President Trump. You will beat her again. Watch for the steal. But you are right, Kemp’s career is over! What a dumbass he turned out to be. Can’t wait to see the new Governor of Georgia.


If he or she is a MAGA Republican instead of a RINO Republican, yeah. Have to specify bc the people know and do not have their faith in the Republican Party as a whole. Too many traitors, old school weenie sell outs like McConnel, Grahm, Cheney, Murkowski, Christy… I can go on and on but you get the gist.


Make Georgia Great Again!
Get RID of the Commie-Libs and Rhinos!

Tommy Marshall

“A Tree Stump sitting in the Swap.” That’s the definition of Abrams!!

Mark Rakow

Some good Republican might run, but some lousy Republican will get Trump’s endorsement.

As a result, some Democrat will win. Which is great.


No Stacy and no Brain. We need a true patriot in GA!

Yuk Chun Birch

Stacey is the face of corruption Mr. President!

Johnny Appleseed

The cheating has to be quelled….

Democrats don’t make a bet unless the fix is in…

There has to be something that can be done to quell the cheating.

I learned a long time Ago never to deal with Democrats unless you have zero choice.

Most self proclaimed Republicans will hand you the rope to hang yourself… and give you a chance to do the right thing to save your self from swinging.

Democrats help you put the nose around your neck and a little shove to make sure it works right calling it helping you out.

Last edited 1 year ago by Johnny Appleseed
Sue Mckee

President Trump She is a deep state snake with a corrupt judge backing her, She was part of the 2020 steel. You will beat her with a feather lol I agree, as long as the cheating machine’s and BALLOTS are not Rigged. We the people are with you and we demand our country back.


Vernon Jones. Ideal candidate. True patriot. Also cut in the cloth of DJT, he does not put up with BS.


Well Said!
Good Candidate!

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