I’m a big fan of Lee Smith

“I’m a big fan of Lee Smith (the BIGGEST!), and agree with him. I would like to add that I also believe they were looking for, and thought I had, some or all of the Crooked Hillary Clinton 33,000 emails that were deleted, acid washed, and phones hammered AFTER the receipt of a full Congressional SUBPOENA. Additionally, they perhaps wanted any information on the Non-Collusion Mueller, Mueller, Mueller Report.”

By Donald J. Trump

By Donald J. Trump

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My Man Trump

Isn’t it time to go after these bastards yet.


Exactly right, they are trying to save themselves. They are so scared of you that they will do anything.
They are acting like clowns and have no respect for America
You have a lot of firing to do.


Ahh, so that was part of their game? I never thought of that one but it makes complete sense.


It’s stunning and infuriating what they call “crimes” for Trump, vs. the blatant, serious, numerous crimes committed by swamp dwellers being brushed off and swept under the carpet. What the hell?! It’s so insane.


The e mails are out here and will resurface when they least expect it. Cant wait to see he show!

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