I’m just askin’?

“Have the great people of Missouri been considering the big, loud, and proud personality of Congressman Billy Long for the Senate? Do they appreciate what they have in him, a warrior and the first major political leader to say, “You better get on the Trump Train, it’s leaving the station.” That was before I even announced I was running for President. This is not an Endorsement, but I’m just askin’?”

By Donald J. Trump

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I’m just asking you Donald. Why do constantly lie?


Shame on you Dan! The man is just making a comment, in which he is entitled to do! Whoever, you choose to vote for is your business, no need to be disrespectful! Gheeeezzz!

My Man Trump

I must defer to Stuart. I know nothing about Missouri’s politicians.


Thank You!
Schmitt is the BEST and Most Likely To WIN!


Hey folks just do your political homework & see what these politicians stand for as a true American loving politician. Check their background out & see that they do not just give “lip” service but have involved actions, that are GOOD for America, and all of our wellbeing as a nation! Trump put AMERICA FIRST, the best he could do in his 4 years of service! Not to mention, all active or past politicians that were just in Washington for show, and really never impacted our nation as a whole for the good of ALL Americans wellbeing! It has all come to light since Trump was kicked aside by the swamp establishment people!


Being a resident of Missouri for over fifty years the BEST candidate for U.S. Senate is Eric Schmitt to take Roy Blunts seat. Eric Schmitt is the BEST attorney general Missouri has had in a long time! He is tough on borders, crime, and knows how to get the economy going and is Very Proactive!
I would support Eric Schmitt President Trump; Schmitt has a better chance of winning!

P.S. I enjoyed working security for You at the Show Me Center in November 2018 when We got Josh Hawley elected as Senator!

My Man Trump

Thank you for your service!


No Problem!
The Republican Patriots MUST fight together!

Ralph Fleming

Stuart How dare you disagree with Trump’s maybe endorsement. You must be on your way to being WOKE! You Commie! Move to China if you can’t get onboard!


Ralph = Commie-Lib DOPE Head like Hunter!


Eric Schmidt is the guy for my life long home town of Missouri! We would love for you to visit Missouri and have a rally here President Trump 🙏Thamk you Sr. For all you and your family have brought to many ppls eyes and for those of us who were awake already we thank you for standing up for our True American Values🇺🇸🙏❤️


This is what all Americans need to appreciate & really understand what is going on in this America of ours, for sure!!


We have many more RINO’s that need to go, same for the Demonkkkrats! More endorsements for blue states please!

Laura Bland

I will vote for anyone you endorse or have positive things to say about a person. He has my vote!

Ralph Fleming

But Trump supporters aren’t sheep right?

Becky G


Rosanne. Choate

We’re on board!


ALL ABOARD! tickets please…all aboard the Trump train

Craig Barrett

I would vote for him if I lived there


Eric Schmitt is the BEST candidate for Missouri.
That is from a Missouri resident for over fifty years.


Study Eric Schmitt a little harder. Especially regarding Missouri farm land.

Ralph Fleming

I knew Stuart was a RINO! You COMMIE.LIBTARD! move to China

Elizabeth Curtiss

The RINOs have got to go. Let’s get Pro-Trump candidates in office 11/22 while we still have a chance to save our country. We have to get it right this time or we will be lost forever as the shining star on the hill! #Trump2024


Matthew 5…just ad Jesus said yes the city set on a hill



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