I’m proud to have endorsed him

“Do you think Rand Paul will apologize for spending nearly $1 Million on another candidate in Ohio’s 15th District congressional race after I had already endorsed Mike Carey? In any event, Mike went on to an unprecedented victory, more than doubling the second placed finisher and Rand’s candidate came in a distant third out of eleven. Rand is a different kind of guy, but I like him a lot anyway, and I’m proud to have endorsed him when when he ran. Do you think he learned his lesson?”

By Donald J. Trump

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I’m cool with Rand Paul.


what lesson fatty?????


Rand Paul is hard to trust, completely different from his father, Ron.

Rand acknowledged mass voter fraud before Jan 5th, and finally indicated he was going to support the challenge to the Electoral College on Jan 6th. But he changed his mind and didn’t. No courage. His father Ron never backed down from auditing the Federal Reserve.

Rand is there for political theatre. This is what is going on with Fauci. Think about it, Rand gets the emails from the Washington Post and Buzzfeed via FOIA, two heavy left fake news rags that lied all the time about Trump. I think the only reason Rand was supportive of Trump as president was because Trump was trying to bring the troops home.

Now Rand spends $1M to support a different candidate from Trump. It’s obvious the deep state was trying to see how influential Rand is, given his fame with the Fauci political theater. Deep state learns Rand is still nothing and will end their fantasy with Rand and try to find another RINO to show he/she is the person to lead the GOP and not Trump. It’s always about Trump because of his popularity and because he is always right.

Lost all trust in Rand. Hope I’m wrong but I don’t think so

Kathryn Vass

Ah, boy. The world is made up of all kinds, isn’t it? I’m EXTREMELY glad that Mike Carey won. AND I’m EXTREMELY glad Rand Paul is calling Fauci on the carpet. I’ll take the good for our beloved America anywhere we can find it, and hope folks are learning some valuable lessons along with it. 👍🏻😉
(Including me. 🙄 I can get way too wordy sometimes; have you noticed? 🤫)

Kathryn Vass

And another thing I need to learn is to slow down and get all my intended thoughts expressed. For instance, in my post above, I wanted to first say, “I am EXTREMELY glad President Trump endorsed Mike Carey!” But it’s like as soon as I thought it, I thought I had written it and hurried on to the rest of my thought entries. Sorry about that. I herewith submit my updated entry. 🥰


I love your posts regardless of how long they are. I’ve never actually thought were too long, so don’t sweat it. Keep ‘em coming!


The GOP has a lot to learn about how to represent their constituents’ wills. It is way past time to start listening.


Good question. Time will tell.

Florida Robert

Rand Paul is the kind of person that always tells the truth, even when it hurts the group. I may not like him but I respect his position.

True American

*spittake* Huh. You actually used “Rand Paul” and “truth” in the same sentence, non-ironically. Bold move, Cotton.

Actually, I acknowledge that Rand speaks his mind. It’s just… see…he’s such a dickhole that he wouldn’t know the truth if it took the form of Dr. Anthony Fauci and the Dr. Anthony Fauci form, which would be a true virologist and not an optometrist like Rand Paul, keeps telling him truth.

Rand Paul’s relationship with the truth is like your relationship with the truth, Roberta. You’re both divorced from it and living in a van down by the sewage plant.

Mike Hunt

Randy is so far out of touch with reality I don’t trust him to wipe his ass….we can only hope his neighbor thrashes his butt again!

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