In other words, she can spy on a Presidential candidate

“So, Crooked Hillary Clinton, one of the most corrupt politicians ever to run for President, can break into the White House, my apartment, buildings I own, and my campaign—in other words, she can spy on a Presidential candidate and ultimately, the President of the United States—and the now totally discredited Fake News Media does everything they can not to talk about it. On the other hand, failed Gubernatorial candidate, Letitia James, can run for the office of AG on saying absolutely horrendous and false things about Donald Trump, a man she doesn’t know and has never met, go on to get elected, and then selectively prosecute him and his family. After viewing millions of pages of documents over many years, they come up with a “Fringe Benefits” case on a car, an apartment, and on grandchildren’s education. She is doing everything within their corrupt discretion to interfere with my business relationships, and with the political process. With the rest of the case, even Cy Vance, who just left the DA’s office without prosecuting anything additional, because there isn’t anything additional to prosecute—THERE IS NO CASE! The targeting of a President of the United States, who got more votes while in office than any President in History, by far, and is a person that the Radical Left Democrats don’t want to run again, represents an unconstitutional attack on our Country —and the people will not allow this travesty of justice to happen. It is a continuation of the greatest Witch Hunt in history—and remember, I can’t get a fair hearing in New York because of the hatred of me by Judges and the judiciary. It is not possible!”

By Donald J. Trump

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This is their campaign against your next run. They use it all to win…to them that is “justice”


I have heard that the Hilderbeast and Billy The Rapist aren’t feeling well at all. They both have a high temperature. Getting hot for them, maybe we should continue to pray.

jojo gomez

President Trump got more votes than any sitting president in the history of the United States, a fact so significant that we can not forget it.Yet we let crooked Hilary get away with treason and spying on his campaign. Trump actually got more votes than any one who ran, but most of those votes were lost, or flipped to Joe Biden in the dead of night in dominion voting machines


A lot of lies in that statement

Johnny Appleseed

Okay I got ya… our eyes were lying to us… stupid eyes… why you lying to me like that?

Johnny Appleseed

It’s killing me…

My friends in Minnesota basically locked themselves in their houses when Minneapolis was burning. Actually scared for their lives telling me the television is lying about anything being peaceful.

A bunch of truckers show up and start honking their horns it is a fucking national emergency the military has to be called out.

I don’t want to be here anymore things are too fucked up. But there ain’t no place we can go.

I mean what am I going to do defect to Mexico… it can’t be better in Mexico if they are all trying to come here.

Fuck it.

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I Hear You!
It seems like the World Has Gone Crazy!


This is what you do. EXPOSE the Communist agenda, reinforce American values.
God, Freedom, Family.


Amen Rona!


The Country is OUT OF CONTROL!
All we can do is Keep Fighting!


Why are you lying about Clinton spying on you Donald? No 1 spied on you. They were checking for malware and this was done months before u become president. So why are you lying 2 everyone? Is it cause if u tell the truth no 1 will donate $ 2U? I really wish you would just be a MAN & tell THE TRUTH. Is that 2 much to ask for out of a FORMER president?




Sure Dan was there controlling the whole operation, he knows so much more that Durham that’s why he was appointed as the Special Counsel to Investigate.

Go stick your head in the toilet bowl and flush it a couple thousand times and maybe it’ll clear the fog out of your brain and you may, just may be able to think clearly.

However I seriously doubt it.


Dan has been on a Crack Binge with Hunter and Brandon!


yeah, with the free crack pipes compliments of brandon

Johnny Appleseed

In leftist speak:

Donald I want you to accept the lie and shut the fuck up.

Dan, I editorially corrected your drivel… you don’t have to use so many words you don’t know that way.


Oh, Dan. Dan, Dan, Dan, Dan, Dan. 😂 Can’t wait to see how your comment ages! Lol

Margie Corbett

Praying for you Mr. President, Melania and your wonderful family. Stay strong as always.


dual tiered legal system. US has dropped to banana republic status.

Nicola Spagnolo Jr.

That worthless POS Letitia James never stops harassing you and your family. One would think that with the crimes running rampant and amuck in New York that common sense would prevail.
The radical left has NO common sense, all these “woke” folks know is hoaxes and witch hunts.
We the people are sick and tired of these radical leftists who are destroying our Country.

My Man Trump

They have to try to stop you. You are America first and they are globalists (another way of saying power, control and greed). You pose an absolute threat to their big plans because you care about America and its people and they have utter hatred towards both. They think they have won battles against you but you will win the war. But please, please….they must pay for all of it. Don’t let any of them get away with anything. Hurry back.

Johnny appleseed

All I am saying is….


It would make me feel really bad for them.

I wonder who gets what they need to them…

Has to pass through the physical world even though they are trying to control the digital world.

We know our customers. We know what they stand for….

And the assholes sitting at home voting by mail…

Either don’t exist… or are voting for them so they don’t have to do shit.

So that leaves us workers….

Mother fucker…. My system lost signal and I forgot where I was going…

Do do do….

Have a nice day.

Come in bandit.

(By the way… they gave you… yes you… what’s called an EIN at birth. They are your customer. We ain’t slaves. They forget that. And they are the ones that made the damn system.)

#1 problem businesses face… bad employees.

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Trump is the most corrupt person ever


Troll on wayward son

My Man Trump

Says a corrupt commie.


they just redefine the words so they can say stupid shit like that. In the warped brain of “Dan” and other fake news junkies, “most corrupt” now means: believes in one legal vote per legal American citizen; not for sale to lobbyists; believes in freedom and power to the people…and other repulsive stuff like that.



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If “THERE IS NO CASE” why is Mr TRUMP ranting & foaming at the mouth over this ?


because this is about the 800th fake lawsuit they have tried against him and his family. grates on your nerves after a while I imagine. but, you got nothing to worry about. just stay loyal to the brown shirt dems and they wont come after you for all your actual crimes…just stay loyal to them. or you will be harassed just like Trump…how many lawsuit can you handle I wonder. No worries, while your in jail you can read Hillary’s book “What Happened”. 😀

Diane Roy

I am willing to do anything for you President Donald J Trump. I will stand before the judicial system and place my hand on the holy bible. The media have done a disservice by not reporting the truth. I have been persecuted and viciously attacked right along with you. I reached out to every news personality and every news channel. They are all knowingly ignoring the truth and it’s sickening. I have never seen such a coverup in my entire life!! The guilty need to be prosecuted and the truth needs to be exposed. How long is the media going to keep covering up for these demonic pedophiles? The media knows I exposed everything nearly four years ago. I’ve grown tired of the lack of empathy and total disregard. I have never seen anything like it in my entire life. I can no longer watch the news anymore. It is like being slapped in the face over and over again. It’s disgraceful what they are getting away with. I’m tired of this circus show. Who knew exposing the truth would be so hard.

Favorite Sone

What can we do?


These legal actions against you make me sick to my stomach.

The People of the United States have the right to elect whomever they choose. The attempts to criminalize normal, usual, commonly acceptable business practices and business ownership for what can only be the intentional disqualification of a candidate is an infringement on the right to a free and fair election.

We The People need an attorney to file suit on our behalf, investigate all involved for charges of interference with a free and fair election. If we all donate a dollar, said attorney would easily have $70million with which to represent us.

Deborah Addor

Deuteronomy 28:7
The Lord will cause all your enemies who rise up against you to be defeated before your face; they will rise against you one way and flee before you seven ways.
You will recover all Mr.President.
So be it!




Yes Mr President, the crime is breathtakingly audacious and alarming: Seditious Conspiracy.
Could only be done by people who have no morals and believe they are so special and entitled that laws do not apply to them. No matter what the corporate media think, knowledge of it is spreading around the world, along with that same media’s complicity in that crime.

We all must have patience. John Durham is turning in a stellar performance as one of the last Great American law men. I have quiet confidence that he will continue in this manner.

I recall many months ago, when challenged as to why he was taking so long, he quietly and patiently said his AIM was to ensure that he was going to be able to WIN convictions against those he named. He intimated that dealing with these particular people, it would take some time.
Of course, shyster type lawyers, amoral, greedy and power hungry make up most of these people Mr Durham is investigating, along with the useful idiots, their media mouthpieces.

But the fine, highly principled exceptions we know, like Fox lawyer, Greg Jarratt and journalists such as Molly Hemingway, Sarah Carter and John Solomon, all who played prominent roles in investigating and broadcasting this conspiracy from back in 2017 do give one hope for the future.
They all deserve awards; but to have been shown as and forever known as professionals of the highest integrity, when all around was abject corruption is a much more genuine validation, than any, now worthless and disgraced Pulitzer. The Truth is out! God Bless.

Gerald Warner

I hope every person you are backing you asked if they will vote to prosecute all these criminals…


No she didn’t here is the truth
What Trump and some news outlets are saying is wrong,” attorneys Jody Westby and Mark Rasch told the Times. “The cybersecurity researchers were investigating malware in the White House, not spying on the Trump campaign, and to our knowledge all of the data they used was nonprivate DNS data from before Trump took office.”

In other words, Trump and company got the whole thing hilariously, mortifyingly incorrect. But fear not: We’re sure they’ll issue a lengthy correction and heartfelt apology to the people whose reputations they impugned—and the ones Trump suggested should be put to death—in no time.


Ironically, this level of stupidity is relatively painless. a true flaw in the human make up. As when one touches a hot stove and pulls back his hand to avoid pain, so too should one feel the pain of complete social/public/moral stupidity. But when the fake news, the politicians, and the media in general are by majority rule just a stupid as “Dan” here, the stove cools down and becomes worthless. As worthless as our cold communist country.

Last edited 1 year ago by RIPUSA

And Remember your own Words Donald J Trump. People who pled the 5th definitely have something to hide. So when u lose the Appel in NY and have to testify if you pled the 5th ur hiding something. Or is that another 1 of your lies you tell everyone


Don’t ever forget everything that is being done to you. Revenge is sweet.


Durham implicitly admitted and acknowledged in today’s filing that the data he discussed in his filing last weekend came from the OBAMA ERA. Further, how could the Clinton campaign spy on trump in the White House when there was no Clinton campaign when he was president.


It’s not fair! Rules for the, but not for me! She has a long history of corruption and needs to pay for her crimes! You’re the best President in my lifetime!


What was that saying? “Lock her up.”!!!!!

Craig Barrett

You are DAMN RIGHT, we are not going to put up with it, they are playing with FIRE

William Wallace - FREEDOM!!!

KEEP FIGHTING! Never give up! Never give in! We the people voted for you! When we elect you for the third time, and you make it back to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, DO EVERYTHING YOU CAN TO FINISH DESTROYING THOSE COMMUNISTS! We don’t want a New World Order! We don’t want the FED! We don’t want the US government tracking everything we spend our hard earned money on with cryptocurrency! We don’t want the FBI, NSA, CIA, MI5 & MI6 spying for the Department of INJUSTICE on American citizens! We want FREEDOM! Abolish the bureaucracies! Abolish The UN-PATRIOT ACT! Withdraw from the United Nations! Withdraw from WHO! GO SCORCHED EARTH on all the corrupt politicians including RINOs like Lindsey Graham, Mitch McConnell and Liz Cheyne, Lisa Mirkowski, and all the others! Freedom of the press shouldn’t mean they’re free to LIE to us with their Soviet Pravda propaganda! CLEAN HOUSE DAY ONE! Have Obama, Biden, and Clinton, and all their acolytes arrested for treason with the appropriate sentences for the crime!


A double “thumbs Down” for this post.

William Wallace - FREEDOM!!!

F-off Peter Puffer!


Sorry Donald, but the walls are closing in on you.


Sorry Pete, but I think it is you who appears to be in dire need of reading the TRUTH.
May I suggest a read of Victor Davis Hanson’s essay, of February, 16th, “Hillary Clinton’s Greatest Masterpiece.” You will find it on American Greatness.


He doesn’t know how to read- just believes whatever CNN says- He HATES America

Deborah Addor

Sorry, but President Trump will be vindicated.


Pete, Pete, (Repete) How many times have we been down this road?

It just makes me tired all over, so go grab your bag, and hyper-ventilate. (If that’s what you need to do)

My Man Trump

The door has shut for Hillary and Obama and Jake Sullivan. Why aren’t any of you talking about that. That’s right….We know they are guilty and corrupt. And when FJB and his regime are taken down soon, they will be prosecuted. All of them.

Nicola Spagnolo Jr.

Spoken like a true libtard who only knows how to have “meltdowns”.


The OTHER WAY AROUND Commie-Lib Pete!

S Stroh

Fight back. Harder



Johnny Appleseed

They are currently grasping at straws.

They are no longer in control.

See them panic. See them run.

See the train about to hit them and the patriots have a little fun.

John F. Brzezinski III

I know the feeling well POTUS.

Fran Hresan

I’m sick to death of the corruption of the media and the judiciary. (Thx Soros). Looking forward to the day when we finally get Justice in this country.



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