In Response to Letitia James

“Tell Letitia that she is not dealing with the Cuomo brothers, a corrupt Governor in a corrupt state, including your office and others, and Fredo, who did the Governor’s dirty work for him. Despite many years of investigation that nobody else could have survived even if they did things just slightly wrong, yours is just a continuation of the political Witch Hunt that has gone on against me by the Radical Left Democrats for years. This is not about delay, this is about our Constitution! You are nothing but a corrupt official doing the dirty work of your party. You should not be in office. This could well be the reason you were just rejected by the people of NY in your inept run for governor. You didn’t quit for a higher purpose, you quit because your poll numbers were atrocious—you didn’t have a chance. New York got lucky!”

By Donald J. Trump

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Nicola Spagnolo Jr.

Every day that goes by without President Trump in the White House is a terrible day for our Country.
I absolutely agree with and applaud President Trump for standing tall against the “woke” radicals.

Critical Thinker

How much money has to be spent by Democrats to try and bring down President Trump. If anything it proves how clean and honest he actually is.


Exactly! Just remember he never conceded. The Biden Regime stole our country and when things get stolen we must work harder to take it back and protect it more then ever before 🇺🇸🙏🇺🇸

Sharon Campbell

Well done, Mr President!

Hugo Fitch

That corrupt bitch will rue the day she ever decided to go after President Trump.

My Man Trump

Sue the hell out of her, Sir, and break her. She is nothing but a windbag and not even a very good one. Letitia James, You have been canceled!

Yuk Chun Birch

All the liberal states allow corrupt politicians to do dirty jobs. The enemies of this country see the opportunity to destroy us starting from there. They can’t survive if people don’t wake up from the wickedness 😔


THIS is the power of Trump! He tells it like it is to these enemies of America!

It works because it’s always true and WE ALL KNOW it’s true – he is just giving us a voice and platform through which to declare it!

Can’t wait until Nov 2022 and then on to 2024!

To those states who continue to force your RINOs upon us (Mitch, Lynsey, Mitt, Liz, etc. you know who you are!) – come and pick up your trash now!!! Recall and remove them from representing your state! If you don’t remove them now, or at least try, then your state will be considered “blue” by the real “red” states (which is actually everyone, but skewed by the big blue cities that swing those states (e.g.; Baltimore polluted MD as looking blue for my whole life, the legacy of Nasty Nancy’s father and brother.))


Exactly! So much of New York State is actually red, but New York and the smaller cities upstate (I live about 10 minutes from one, though my town is Republican) are what make it blue. NYC is like the tail that wags the dog here. One of my (many) peeves about living in upstate NY is we’re like a nonentity up here. If you say you’re from NY, people automatically think you’re from NYC. When people talk about NY, they’re talking about the city. Our votes get cancelled out by the city. There is so much more to NY than NYC! There’s beautiful mountains and waterfalls and historical landmarks (Saratoga battlefield, turning point of the Revolutionary War, for one). So many famous people lived up here–Frederick Douglass, Susan B. Anthony, George Eastman (who founded Kodak…people still remember Kodak, right?), Washington Irving, John Brown and Franklin Roosevelt, to name a few. Sorry, getting a bit carried away! Anyway, I so wish upstate could split away from NYC to make a separate state, but probably will never happen. Oh well, that’s my rant for today…time to wrap Christmas gifts!

Craig Barrett

Trash like her need to be disbarred and LOCKED UP

Larry Traynor

None of those vile lefty lib-lobes care 2 eggs outta the same hen about the Constitution, freedom, liberty, free will et al. They ONLY care about what they can get for themselves, a version of their own personal lap dance. Let it be known that the James woman stole $750K of public money yet seeks to “investigate” Trump wheniIt is SHE who should be investigated, removed from that plus-size seat, and prosecuted. A laughable loser she couldn’t manage to come up with the campaign money to fund her attempts to squeeze her heifer butt into the race for governor and was kicked out of the race. Now, to save her wide face she’ll try to go after Trump in an effort to flex those flabby muscles.


‘This is not about delay, this is about our Constitution!’

I thought you were going to write ‘this is about our ability to continue living as humans.’


Letitia James is NOTHING more than a Corrupt, Commie-Liberal!
She can Go to Hell!


I love the Americans using the term “commie” as a scare tactic. These people are certainly not communists but you go on believing TFW and drinking the cool aid. The world laughs at you.
ps. Bet you couldn’t actually define what a communist is without Wikipedia.


Ok, I’ll play. Tell me what a communist is. How about a socialist? What are the 45 communist goals and how many have been accomplished in the US? Does socialism lead to communism? Are we not obviously moving quickly toward socialism?

tom reynolds

It will be socialism until the people are disarmed.


I don’t think they can find all that info on wikipeedia.

Does anyone actually still use them as a source for information anymore?


So what is Mr TRUMP afraid of ?


Nothing from what I can tell, maybe Melania if he’s smart.

Michael Jenson

Ha Ha Ha so true Amen


That’s telling her! This state has been corrupt since colonial times. Though given we may be stuck with Governor Hochul, I’m not sure “lucky” is the right word…


I have a feeling she’s going to have the last word. It’s about time trump is held accountable.

Last edited 1 year ago by Prize

I have a feeling Mr TRUMP is not going to have much to say beyond “I’m pleading the 5th”


For what? He hasn’t done anything! But if Joe and Hunter Biden were NY citizens, you can bet she’d never dream of going after them for their shady dealings over the years.

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