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My Man Trump

Your right, Sir! See you soon.


Correct President Trump!
Inflation TODAY is worse than the Jimmy Carter years!


Of course it wouldnt. But you are the President. You must order gasoline prices down NOW.

Mark Rakow

You’re out of your mind.


Another notch on their belt. Free us from this nightmare!


The resident is responsible for all of this mess. He needs to get kicked out!!


Gas was $1.87 / gallon when POTUS Trump Made America Energy Independent!

Save Our United States

Obviously much, if not most, of the inflation problem is due to the Biden administration energy policies (aka restrictions).

One thing I would like to know: Where in the constitution does it say that the federal government has a right to own or control land in any of the 50 sovereign states? The federal government is an entity, not a state. If the government was forced to return sovereign land to the 50 states, we would remove federal control of our resources.

Maybe somebody can expand on my question.


James W Darrenkamp

Last Nov I was fired by my liberal boss. Decided to start my own business and live the American dream. Unfortunately, I found out that the Government has all but made it illegal for me to do so when it comes to getting funding.

It is time to drop the hammer on this corruption so we can not only as a country, but as a world move forward in prosperity.

It is time for the Truth to lead us as a society.

A new leaf on the tree

The one thing I like the most about you are your instincts… Hopefully we can turn this ship around

R Minoglio

Wake up people . How much more do we have to take!

YOUR Help is Needed

Only with YOUR help we can spread the word of the 45th President